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Apr 11, 2007 05:40 PM

Searching for Great Hot Chocolate in London

Discussion on the Boston board has me craving for a good cup of hot chocolate. I will be in London in 10 days and was wondering, which chocolatiers also have a cafe where one could try a cup of their drinking chocolate?
Melt in Nottinghill seems like my kinda place, but I don't know if they serve HC.
I have been to the Chocolate Society in Belgravia before - how would you rate their HC over any others, please? Does Rococo have HC? L'Artisan du Chocolat? Borough Market? I guess it doesn't have to be a chocolatier's cafe for eg. if any of the hotels have a special cup of hot chocolate.

TIA for any kind replies

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    1. re: Basildog

      I second Chocstar - Petra serves two kinds of hot chocolate, both excellent.

      I've also had very good hot chocolate from L'Atelier du Chocolat at Borough Market, though I'm not sure if they still do that. Also in Winter Maison du Chocolat also do hot chocolate.

    2. Some of the Godiva stores sell hot chocolate that is pretty good (I like their hot chocolate but not their chocolates - which I find really buttery)

      1. My favourite hot chocolate in London comes from the Chocolate Society - but make sure you get the milk-based one, not the water-based one. It has a fantastic umami quality, believe it or not.

        Runners up include the Cool Chile Company Mexican chocolate from the Borough Mkt stall (haven't had it for a while - I think it's only available in winter).

        Artisan du Chocolat is good, but I prefer Chocolate Society slightly. Haven't tried Chocstar.

        I think Paul Young in Camden Passage in Islington also does HC, but I haven't tried it. I get distracted by all the other wonderful things he sell. I would recommend trying there too.

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        1. re: abpstigand

          I know this is a little late for a reply but I just came back from the UK and visited Paul Young's boutique. What an overrated chocolatier. This guy has awards for his a few of his ganaches that I cannot begin to understand why, and don't get me started on the visual appearance of his chocolates which are nothing but filled truffle shells dipped in couverture and very poorly decorated.

        2. The L'Artisan du Chocolat stall at Borough Market has the best, darkest HC I've had in London. It's rich, smooth and just the right thickness, like single cream. As far as I know Rococo doesn't sell ready-to-drink chocolat chaud, just cocoa for you to DIY at home. I haven't ever bought it, but Rococo is my favourite chocolate shop so I think it would be great.

          1. The Max Brenner Chocolate Culture/ Chocolate Bar concept (Australia, US, Canada, Israel) opened a concession in Harrods a few years ago. I am not sure that it is still there, but I can certainly vouch for the deliciousness of their hot chocolate.

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            1. re: loobcom

              Sorry to disagree, but stay away from Brenner. At least if the NY outpost is any indication, the chocolate is mediocre and the other stuff even worse.