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Egg roll condiments.

I'm talking about the average dine-in/take-out Chinese egg rolls. You know the one's that usually cost $2-$3 for two. The dipping or side condiment to go with these is usually either hot mustard or sweet-sour sauce.

I like the hot mustard okay, but a little goes a long way, too much and my sinuses are throbbing. I've never been a fan of sweet-sour sauce. Then, there's always the little soy sauce packets tossed in for take-out. I've never liked those either, too salty, and of questionable quality.

Does anyone have any tasty condiments besides these to go with egg rolls.?

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  1. Mae Ploy Sweet Chili Sauce - sold in a glass bottle, you can find it at asian super markets.
    Not hot, just sweet and perfect with egg rolls.

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      love sweet chili sauce, just enough hint of chili, not too spicy and yes!, perfect for
      egg rolls. *drool*

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        +1 Mae ploy mixed with a T or so of whatever fruit jelly is open in the fridge.
        Strawberry and rhubarb jelly was open the last time we made fried egg rolls. Any jelly/jam is tasty.

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          I hadn't tried Mae before. Now I have to not make myself sick trying it out on things. Good stuff.

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        I bought a bottle of Mae Ploy Chili Sauce today. I'm anxious to try it out. I like the idea of hot-sweet and hot-sour, just not sweet-sour. So, some of the other options sound good too, mustard and duck sauce, and hoisin and chili oil.

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          pls, let us know how u like it :)

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            The Mae Ploy Chilli Sauce goes very well with egg rolls. It's sweet, and there's enough heat from the chiles to provide a pleasant zing.

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          Mmm sweet chili sauce also my favorite.

        3. I combine the mustard and duck sauce together. You get a sweet-hot combo that's not too hot nor too sweet.
          Try it sometime!

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            Unless the restaurant provides seriously hot mustard and decent duck sauce (not the bland stuff in cellophane packets), I prefer a good hot-sweet mustard; we use Inglehoffer's.

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              Me too! The mustard is a bit spicy for me, so I don't use it all--I just put a good squeeze of it into the duck sauce and stir it up. Simple and a better balance of hot and sweet.

            2. Ask them to give you some plum or hoisin sauce, and some chili in oil. Mix them together... mmm.

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                I like hoisin mixed with mashed fresh garlic and some soy sauce (have to add a dab of sriracha to the blend next time).

              2. Worcestershire sauce: that's the standard accompaniment to egg/spring rolls in Hong Kong. When I first got off the boat, I was so skeeved out by the red sauce that some Chinese restaurants served with the egg rolls.

                1. The kids like good soy sauce mixed with a little sweet and a little sour. For the sweet try a little jam like plum or orange or currant, for the sour a drop or two of balsamic, a squirt of orange, or some juice from the pickled ginger jar. Had some fresh ginger syrup left over from the warm tofu "pudding" the other day and it was really good mixed with the soy.

                  1. When I was a little girl, I would eat mine with ketchup or sweet and sour sauce. My family had the old style Americanized Chinese restaurant.

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                      I think what you get depends on where you are. My son used to love duck sauce on his egg rolls when he was young (he called it boy sauce) But when we went to San Francisco, it was nowhere to be found. Instead they offered sweet and sour sauce. My friends said that they had never seen it. I guess it is an east coast thing. Personally, I prefer a good, really hot mustard, but duck sauce is good for the younger set.

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                        Actually it was different for me. I grew up at our family restaurant and had the ability to use whatever I wanted for sauce. So when I was little, I would experiment. Lots of people, our customers, would use hot mustard and/or soy sauce. I even tried it with our brown gravy, but didn't like it that way.

                    2. At my house we typically use sweet and sour chili sauce or hot mustard. We were out of both of these a few months back and ended up using spicy honey mustard which wasn't bad even though it probably sounds weird.

                      1. My favorites:

                        Hot mustard
                        sweet and sour sauce

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                          my favorite is sliced serrano chile in rice vinegar with a little sugar to dip in
                          or Soy Suace with a healthy tsp. of hot chile paste, and fresh garlic.

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                            I recall whenver our family made spring rolls, it was eaten with vinegar

                        2. You haven't had the best egg roll condiment.....Saucy Susan Duck Sauce.
                          Classic NY duck sauce goes way back.


                          1. Some of these suggestions kind of gross me out! haha

                            I like to eat mine wrapped in lettus and dipped in fish sauce - the Vietnamese way to eat egg rolls.

                            1. Equal parts ketchup and sriracha = addictive.

                                1. I dip mine in ketchup and hot mustard. Mr.Ang likes sweet and sour sauce.

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                                      Siracha is sooooo last year. LOL

                                    2. Lumpia aka Filipino eggrolls are dipped in a vinegar sauce consisting of 1/2c. vinegar (coconut, palm, or distilled white), 2 garlic cloves smashed, and minced, a liberal amount of black pepper, and salt to taste.

                                      1. Once, finding myself out of duck sauce, I warmed a bit of curried squash and apple soup and used that as a dipping sauce for potstickers. Now, whenever I make that soup, I freeze some of it in small containers for dipping egg rolls and dumplings.

                                        1. Honey Mustard Sauce. I lifted this one from Bobby Flay (he put it on fish, but we like the sauce on a lot of different things). I omitted the mint, though and use just a tad less of horseradish, which still gives you that zing.

                                          1/4 cup Dijon mustard
                                          2 tablespoons whole-grain mustard
                                          3 tablespoons honey
                                          2 tablespoons prepared horseradish, drained
                                          2 tablespoons finely chopped fresh mint leaves
                                          Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper

                                          Mix well.

                                          1. Depends on what type of egg rolls. If it is my mom making them usually nuoc cham(mixture of fish sauce, sugar and lime juice). Sometimes sweet chili sauce or straight up hoisin sauce. When it comes with my Chinese takeout then duck sauce. And I have at one point in time or another dipped it in bbq sauce.