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Apr 11, 2007 04:31 PM

new amada?

has anyone heard about the new restaurant coming to university city by the people behind amada? any information?

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    1. The restaurant is Tinto. We managed to get in for an early Saturday dinner a few weeks ago with friends and try the chef's tasting menu. (I say managed because every review I read goes on and on about how hard reservations are to get, so we may have just been lucky).

      Amada is one of my favorite restaurants in Philly, so I had high expectations. The decor is much more stylized than Amada. We were seated downstairs, and it took a little while for my eyes to adjust to the lighting. Music was a bit loud, but they nicely turned it down when asked. Service was very friendly. The dinner itself was very good, but I was disappointed by the portions of the chef's dinner ($55/pp and some of us added wine tastings at $80). At times dishes (I believe we had about 7 courses) were hard to split evenly, and a few hours later I felt a bit nibbly again (then again, we ate at 5, which is unusually early for me). The wine pairings were very good, just enough to get a good taste per course. Since dinner was a few weeks ago, I can't say exactly what we ordered, especially since it was chef's choice. I think if I were to plan to go again, it would be for a pre-theater dinner or snack, but fo a dinner evening I'll head back to Amada (maybe Tinto opening will make Amada easier to get into). I missed the paella, which Tinto does not offer, as it is truly tapas-focused.

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        While Tinto is run by Garces, there is going to be a taqueria called Chilango in University City. The above linked article metions a tortilla press, margarita bar, and a walk-up taco window.