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Apr 11, 2007 04:20 PM

What to order at Coco500?

I've searched but have not come up with much in the way of recent reports on Coco500. Can anyone tell me if the service has gotten better? Recommended dishes (other than the vacherin, of course)? Any additional input to add to this post?

Thank you!

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  1. For dessert get the dish with mirengue/ chocolate sauce/ creme anglaise/ candied almond/coffee ice cream. it's such a yummy dessert!!

    1. Truffled flatbread is amazing - more of an appetizer, but truffle-y and lightly cheesy.

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      1. re: claireaguilar

        agree about the flatbread. the beef cheeks appetizer that's served on chips is very good (actually, the beef cheeks are excellent - the chips seem prefab). if the brussels are still on the menu they are very good. the drinks are reason enough to go there.

        1. re: Fig Newton

          3rd the flatbread, whichever flavor it is. (have had carmelized cauliflower, squash blossom, truffled mushrooms, etc)