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Apr 11, 2007 04:10 PM

cheese ramen? rameniac: get to work!

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  1. Ha! I look to Rameniac for ramen leadership occasionally as well, but cheese ramen reminds me too much of my college buds who would throw a cheese single on a bowl of maruchan just to mix it up...ugh.

    Then again, I was guilty of adding fried chicken and insane amounts of tapatio to mine.

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    1. In sort of a variation on this idea, BCD Tofu has a ham, sausage, and cheese soondubu

      Anyone try it? I can't bring myself to do it.

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      1. re: Professor Salt

        haven't tried that. but the korean restaurant (don't know it's name) in the back corner of the plaza with paris baguette at 1st and western has cheese-covered fried rice. so good!

        1. re: lnbish

          That restaurant is called Ttu Rak. I peeked in on my most recent trip to Paris Baguette because the smells coming out of that restaurant were so good they were just calling to me...

          Anyhoo, I saw two chicas who were inhaling the cheese fried rice and I have to say it looked really good!

          1. re: Bon Vivant

            good to finally know the name! i had just been calling it the cheesy fried rice place :)

        2. re: Professor Salt

          Re: the cheese ramen, I've heard from several different friends on separate occasions that they like to add cheese to their instant ramen at home. Some swear by it. To that, I say, "To each his/her own."

          Re: the ham, sausage, cheese soondubu at BCD, it's worth trying, just because it sounds so odd. At least that's what compelled me to order it... The cheese gives the soup an odd creaminess and also takes away from the spiciness of the soup. The sausage and ham give the soondubu a nice touch, but I'd still stick to the traditional soondubus.

          1. re: choysauce

            Ah the instant ramen variations. I had one friend who actually poured Ragu (!!) into his ramen...he didn't try that again.

            I think the best cheap, grab whatever I have in my fridge addition I saw was my buddy using lemon juice and hot sauce in his was actually pretty refreshing.

          2. re: Professor Salt

            I have never tried it, but I asked the waiter about it. He advised me against ordering it, saying that it appeals to chlidren.

          3. lol. guess i'm gonna have to try that. and definitely #32, the "hot bomb" ramen as well. sometimes i love me a good korean-style ramen, dried noodle-cakes, fiery red soup and all. there used to be a great place in ktown for that called teumsae ramen; it was basically shin ramyun come to life. but alas it is gone now ; ;...