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Apr 11, 2007 04:09 PM

Any news on the Whole Foods opening in Cranston?

I drove by the new Whole Foods opening up in the "old" Shaws in Garden City. (Jeez, I am starting to sound like a Rhode Islander). There is definately something going on there. Does anyone know when they are planning to open? I went to the new Whole Foods in Portland, ME earlier this week and WOW! If it is anything like that store, then we are going to have a real treat!

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  1. If you had said "the Old Almacs", then you'd truly be a Rhode Islander. I heard late, late spring on the Whole Foods, but who knows. I heard this from a WF rep in the Waterman St. store a few mos back.

    I've lived in that part of Cranston, and I'm there pretty frequently to visit my grandmother. And personally (I said this to someone way before I ever heard the WF was opening, when the rumor was that Shaws was refusing to vacate that bldg to prevent the WF from coming) if I lived out there now? and had access to that new Shaw's? I'd not even bother w/the Whole Paycheck. And I'm not a fan of Shaws, either----just that one. Best int'l and Italian food sections in a supermarket, ever. The produce! The meat! I love that Shaw's.

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      I suppose a true Rhode Islander would have said the old bowling alley!
      I heard it's opening in October :)