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Apr 11, 2007 03:56 PM

B&B Ristorante Vegas

Has anyone tried the new mario Batalli place in the Venetian? If so I would love to hear what you ate and what you thought of it. Thanks

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  1. Ooh, the menu looks good. We will be in Vegas next week and have reservations at Fiamma, Stripsteak and Bouchon, but maybe I'd be persuaded to change. Anyone know when B&B opened?

    1. I did a little googling, and found some interesting pictures. The bottom half of this page - - has pictures of some dishes served at New York's Babbo - an elder sister of B&B. These dishes are also listed on B&B's menu. Click on the pics, and there's a detailed explanation of the dish. For example, see . Looks good!

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        those pictures really put the food into perspective. Now I'm hungry.

      2. According to Batali's website there will be another opening soon, also @ The Venetian. I can't seem to find when B & B opened, but sometime in the past 2 weeks is what I gather.

        "B&B and the duo's second Las Vegas based restaurant, Enoteca San Marco, will feature wine lists replete with Bastianich signature wines and selections from every region in Italy. Many wines will be available by the "quartino" to promote both serious and casual tasting experiences for 'wine geeks' and novices alike."

        1. Well, I just made a reservation for next Thursday so I guess I'm cancelling Fiamma. Got right through on the reservation line and got the time I wanted. Sounds like they're not too busy yet. Will report back.

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            I think they just opened this week. Please post and let us know how it was. Thanks

          2. We ate there on Thursday night. I wouldn't go back anytime soon. They are very "new". Lots of servers standing around, lots of servers with too much to say. I can't stand it when my server assumes I know nothing about food, and proceeds to "educate" me when I ask for no education. We had an octopus appetizer, it was overly charred, lemon vinaigrette was very tart. Tried the oxtail ravioli with crushed duck livers, pasta was good, texture of the filling was almost non-existent, sauce was good. I can't even remember our main course, that is how good it was. However, I do remember our desserts, they were not great. I ordered the semifreddo. SEMIFREDDO means semi-frozen! It was rock hard. I could have used it as a weapon! My husband had a polenta cake. It was ok. When our server asked how the desserts were, and I informed him about the degree of firmness the semifreddo was, which my fork was standing straight up in,he started on this diatribe about semifreddo, completely ignoring the issue at hand! I hate to say it, but I excused him from my table! I wanted to enjoy this restaurant more than any in the recent past, and it was just not possible.