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B&B Ristorante Vegas

Has anyone tried the new mario Batalli place in the Venetian? If so I would love to hear what you ate and what you thought of it. Thanks

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  1. Ooh, the menu looks good. We will be in Vegas next week and have reservations at Fiamma, Stripsteak and Bouchon, but maybe I'd be persuaded to change. Anyone know when B&B opened?

    1. I did a little googling, and found some interesting pictures. The bottom half of this page - http://www.flickr.com/photos/ulterior... - has pictures of some dishes served at New York's Babbo - an elder sister of B&B. These dishes are also listed on B&B's menu. Click on the pics, and there's a detailed explanation of the dish. For example, see http://www.flickr.com/photos/ulterior... . Looks good!

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        those pictures really put the food into perspective. Now I'm hungry.

      2. According to Batali's website there will be another opening soon, also @ The Venetian. I can't seem to find when B & B opened, but sometime in the past 2 weeks is what I gather.

        "B&B and the duo's second Las Vegas based restaurant, Enoteca San Marco, will feature wine lists replete with Bastianich signature wines and selections from every region in Italy. Many wines will be available by the "quartino" to promote both serious and casual tasting experiences for 'wine geeks' and novices alike."

        1. Well, I just made a reservation for next Thursday so I guess I'm cancelling Fiamma. Got right through on the reservation line and got the time I wanted. Sounds like they're not too busy yet. Will report back.

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            I think they just opened this week. Please post and let us know how it was. Thanks

          2. We ate there on Thursday night. I wouldn't go back anytime soon. They are very "new". Lots of servers standing around, lots of servers with too much to say. I can't stand it when my server assumes I know nothing about food, and proceeds to "educate" me when I ask for no education. We had an octopus appetizer, it was overly charred, lemon vinaigrette was very tart. Tried the oxtail ravioli with crushed duck livers, pasta was good, texture of the filling was almost non-existent, sauce was good. I can't even remember our main course, that is how good it was. However, I do remember our desserts, they were not great. I ordered the semifreddo. SEMIFREDDO means semi-frozen! It was rock hard. I could have used it as a weapon! My husband had a polenta cake. It was ok. When our server asked how the desserts were, and I informed him about the degree of firmness the semifreddo was, which my fork was standing straight up in,he started on this diatribe about semifreddo, completely ignoring the issue at hand! I hate to say it, but I excused him from my table! I wanted to enjoy this restaurant more than any in the recent past, and it was just not possible.

            1. I've been lucky enough to eat there twice allready.I was blown away by everything that was part of our dining experience there; from impeccible service, (never too cloying, and never condesending) to the perfect pasta dishes and the wines.

              This is a meal that will take easily 2 hours to get thru. It's not rushed, but we had the 4 full courses, and they all came at a decent pace.

              The most amazing dish we ate was the sweet potato ravioli. Sweet, yet a bit spiced with nutmeg, drizzled with a white butter sauce, it blew our minds. Even my husband who dosen't like sweet potato loved it. It was a dish where the "light went on" for him that this was a very good, if not unique resturant.

              I got the sweetbreads. Smooth and creamy, they melted in my mouth and were top-notch. The sweet and sour sauce that went along with it was a very nice compliment to the meat. My husband got the skirt steak, and while he did enjoy it, he regretted not getting the veal chop. The table next to us did, and it looked mouth-wateringly good.

              If your familiar with Batalli's other places, and like them..You should really enjoy yourself at B&B. If you've never eaten at one of Batalli's places, keep this in mind: You are NOT eating at Olive Garden or Bucca De Beppo. It's a bit different, yes there are many types of organ-meat dishes offered (care for a warm lamb's togune salad? Or lamb's brains? They have it)

              Of course...There is allways the caveat: "Don't eat at a new resturant untill a month after opening" Which is something to consider. But, being that I managed to eat there before it was open to the general public and I found everything to be top-notch and wonderful..You take that as you wish.

              I thought B&B's was fantastic, and will be going back very very soon.

              1. Very interesting to read the feedback from Persally and Honeychan as their experiences were quite different.

                I also get concerned when trying a restaurant at its inception, but I figured that Batali & partners are pros and wouldn't open if they didn't have it (mostly) together. I would always expect some service glitches since but if they're not severe then I would tend to be forgiving if the food is outstanding. Being from LA and not getting to NY very often anymore, we've only eaten at Lupa, in Oct. 2006, but we freakin' LOVED it. We haven't yet been to Mozza in LA but that's more Silverton than Batali anyway, it seems. Anyway we're sticking with our plan to eat at B&B Thursday 4/19 and I will report back.

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                  Does anyone know the average price for a 4 course dinner? The menu on Batali's website doesn't list any prices, which makes me nervous.

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                    Pasta's start at $20 and meats are in the $30 range.

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                    I have to agree with Persally. Service was subpar and the dishes were not memorable. I do believe that it was due to a recent opening and will be back to try it again in 6 months or so. I was really looking forward to this meal as well. Both the Octopus Salad and the Lamb's toungue starters were overly citrous and the octpous was overly charred. The Pastas were very good and definately the highlight of the meal. We shared the Short Ribs for an entree and it was dry. We got a bottle of Amarone with dinner and I loved it, but I should mention that the wine list is way overpriced. The list is all Italian (which is great!) and there are some great choices, but you will be hard pressed to find a bottle under $100 and most on the list are $200 and above. The service was okay, but a bit pretentious and there were way too many people standing around doing nothing. I will go back and expect great things in the future, but I think they need a bit of time to iron out the kinks.

                    ...At least it is better the Mesa Grill...

                  3. I should preface this review that I am a frustrated New Yorker and ex-Babbo reg who recently moved out to Vegas for work. I miss NYC so much, but my dinners at Babbo might be what I miss most!

                    SO: I ate at B&B last night for the first time, and WOW! It's Babbo. Period. End of story. The only thing I had at B&B that I'd never had at Babbo before was the Cauliflower Sformato with shrimp and grapefruit, and it was the most amazing play on subtle sweetness I've ever tasted in a savory dish. The Sformato itself was the pinnacle of rich, custardy goodness and tasted so purely of the vegetable, it was almost like they found some sort of Ur-Cauliflower! The faint sweetness of the shrimp had a buttery depth and finish that only comes with really fresh seafood, and the grapefruit's citrus notes lightened and brightened the dish just enough for it to be perfectly satisfying.

                    Then came an endless stream of my old Babbo stand-bys: the Baby Red Oak Leaf salad (so simple, yet the dressing's blood orange/black olive flavor combo haunts my dreams), the Mint "Love Letters" with spicy lamb sausage (was Mario the first Italian-American chef to introduce mint into this country's herb spectrum, knocking boring basil-parsley pasta dishes off their pedastle?) and of course the Stinging Nettle Pappardelle with Wild Boar Ragu. This has been a favorite of mine for a while and I can't decide if it's because of the pasta or the sauce: the fresh pasta, rolled out on an old, well-worn pin, has a cat's tongue texture to which sauce sticks like magic. And that sauce, at once smoky and sweet, the savory notes of a well-marbled boar tempered by tomato and wine... Mmmmm....

                    I always love the whole fish at Babbo and the Branzino is their best. I was happy to see that the boys at B & B are replicating it, acheiving the perfect flaky texture and evoking the brininess of the ocean without any fishy funk. Their's is slightly different than Babbo's - a bit more flavorful, I'd venture - proving that just because B & B is essentially a "celebrity-chef knock-off," as some detractors are calling it, it's still doing fresh, creative things with its dishes. Absolutely wonderful.

                    I'm not a dessert person, but I AM a dessert WINE person, and my sommelier helped me pick out an excellent moscato d'asti as well as a very bold amaro to finish the evening. They practically had to roll me out of there, but amazingly, the damage to my wallet wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it'd be.

                    I might be biased because I'm so glad to have something approximating a real New York restaurant in this town, but B & B is my new fave, hands-down - or should I say it's my old fave, Babbo, reincarnated on the West Coast? Whatever the case, I'm going back next chance I get.

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                      My husband & I like to try new places in Vegas and were REALLY looking forward to trying Mario's new restaurant. And were REALLY DISAPPOINTED! The service and the table layout was the most horrible part, and the food was mediocre- certainly way too expensive for the taste. Dont get me wrong, I dont mind paying high dollar for an impeccable meal, but this definitely was NOT worth the price. 2 apps, 2 mains, 2 glasses of wine, and 2 desserts. $250.00. So... The tables were so close together that the servers could not serve 'properly' i.e.- they were reaching across me to place utensils, etc on the table. the waiter began with explaining the the specials for the evening and then said "oh, excuse me.." so that he could run over to another table to place 2 small plates on their table, apparently because he was looking around & saw that their appetizers were being delivered without them. then he came back to the table to remember where lhe left off- very awkward. We ordered 2 appetizers to share and they brought them and asked "would you like extra plates"... I am not an expert but of all the nice restaurants I have been to they NEVER spend the evening asking me if they should bring me somethign that they are supposed to be bringing! Just place the plate, and if I dont want it I will let you know ("do you want more water", "do you want another plate", etc, etc). UGH! The heirloom tomatoes had no flavor and were very "hard"- not properly ripened. The beet salad was good. I ordered coffee and the waiter brought that but did not bring the sugar service... so, I waited until I could get someone to bring sugar. After seeing other tables, they had the sugar "service" brought prior to the coffee being served- they are just not on top of it. The have all the "supposed to's" in place but the execution is horrible. oh, and yes, the dessert wines- we like port and the cheapest one was $35/glass. Unfortunately, we would not recommend.

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                        We went as a Family a month ago, so figured I'd offer our experience.
                        First off my parents hated it. They felt it was overpriced for food that wasn't cooked very properly. I would agree that the price wasn't worth it; I probably won't be going back, but I did like the food.
                        The food I thought was pretty good. For the main entree's, we ordered 2 meat dishes, 1 fish and 1 pasta. The pasta was probably the most intricate tastes I've ever experienced, mostly because of the unique interactions of the ingredients used. My dad felt both meat dishes were well over cooked, even though I found the steak tasty. We all agreed the fish was quite bland, and had a burnt aftertaste, but I'm not a fish person (they are).
                        The experience in the restaurant is subpar. It was small and felt more cramped than cozy. The server was very intelligent in describing the menu. As someone said earlier, it does seem chaotic with all the servers standing everywhere, and some running around in the little space available. A couple right next to our table (literally an arms length away) was complaining about every little thing in the food. They even sent their entrees back and complained quite loudly that they were not satisfied. interesting...

                    2. I visited B&B last Saturday evening with friends. Party of 7. Quick tip- If you can't find reservations on OpenTable, call the hotel concierge. They were able to book the reservation for us with no problem and put us on the list at Tao if we wanted to hit the dance floor after dinner. We were seated quickly. I felt they easily accommodated our party of 7 which was nice. I didn't have any issues with the service either. Other reviews mentioned that dishes were salty and I do agree. One of the guests at my table ordered the Skirt Steak which was EXTREMELY SALTY- though the waiter did warn him! The waiter I believe said something like "If you like salt- go for the skirt steak."

                      Let me back up a minute here...
                      Wine - I had the affordable Rosetto for $9. It was fine for the price and went great with my meal.
                      Appetizers - I ordered the Cool Roasted Lobster Mushrooms for $14. This has to be the smallest portion I've ever had. Taste was alright. The Baby Red Oak Leaf salad was tasty and sweet.

                      For main course I had the Homemade Orecchiette with Sweet Sausage and Rapini- DELISH! I loved it. Great portion too. Two guests at the table had the Spaghettini with Spicy Budding Chives, Sweet Garlic and One Pound Lobster- Loved it! They wiped their plates clean. Another friend had the Beef Cheek Ravioli. She loved it but I didn't like the consistency of the sauce- reminded me of liver. My FAVORITE dish at the table was the Veal Chop. Huge portion- VERY TASTY! Nice and juicy I thought and seasoned perfectly.

                      We skipped desert so we could be on our way to the clubs before lines but they did give us a nice tiny tray with 3 different cookies for each guest.

                      4 appetizers, 7 entrees, 4 glasses of wine, 5 or so cocktails = $500

                      1. The food is amazing but the service is horrible. Mario doesn't take care of his service staff and they don't get to keep the tips they make. I dined there last week with some friends celebrating a birthday. We waited 10 to 15 minutes before a waiter came to the table, he seemed bothered by our good mood. Definitely try the mint love letters pasta dish its awesome!!! Leave room for the chocolate cake with bourbon syrup dessert!!! When they brought out our so called birthday cake they quickly dropped it down and walked away without even at least saying happy birthday to the birthday girl!!! Don't expect good service though. Our waiter even told us to not worry about the tip cause it doesn't even go to him. Tell you the truth even though he was horrible we were still gonna leave him the standard 18 percent. Shame on Mario!!!! Take care of your wait staff if you plan on staying open in Las Vegas!!!!

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                          We were there last month and service was impeccable. Waiters were attentive, dishes were paced appropriately, just about the only thing I could possibly complain about was an over-talkative assistant waiter / busboy, who was so sweet and earnest I couldn't really complain about him either.

                          I suspect you misunderstood what you were told about the tips. Many restaurants have tip-pooling where all tips are pooled and shared (and often shared with busboys, dishwashers and others), and not kept by each individual waiter/waitress. It would be much more unusual - likely illegal - for a restaurant to take tip money away from the employees. For instance ->


                          Our service staff didn't strike us as remotely unhappy or disgruntled. I don't think B&B is closing any time soon.

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                            seems like everyone is polarized about the restaurant......so is it worth it? thinking about eating there....

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                              Here's what I thought of it ->

                              That whole thread gives a pretty good picture of the polarized views on the place. It's somewhat quirky and idiosyncratic and there's some things that some people obviously don't like - music's too loud, tables are too close, food is oversalted, bread is crusty and burnt. Every single one of these is intentional and part of the chef's idea of how he wants the place to be. Given the tendency of LV to produce cookie-cutter spin-off restaurants, I appreciate it.

                              The food was great overall (though some items were better than others), I liked the feel of the place, the staff was great, the wine list was pretty exceptional. Works for me.

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                                "Is it worth it?" This question alone could define a lot of the dining experiences in Las Vegas. You really need to define "worth". If you are going to Las Vegas on a budget then I would say not even close to "worth it". If you live in NYC area and have been or have the ability to go to Babbo then I would say again, not "worth it". If $ is really not an issue (not that it is anywhere near the top of the $ spectrum of LV restaurants but it adds up VERY quickly) and you want a flavor of what the Babbo/Batali-Bastianich empire hums, then by all means it is "worth it". I shouldn't really limit it to the Babbo/Batali-Bastianich empire but there really isn't anything that I know of in the LV area that come close to the type of restaurant B&B is.

                          2. We had dinner there in September 2007. We went on a Saturday night after a show and didn't have a reservation. It was quite poor. The food was over cooked and barely edible. They did remove one entree from the bill, but we would have preferred to have been able to eat our dinners and pay for them.

                            I would never return.