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Apr 11, 2007 03:51 PM

Seafood, Chinese, Mexican eats in Orlando!!

The wife and I will be in Orlando about the second week in June. Can some 'hounds give me some leads on good seafood (not Red Lobster, I hope), Chinese, as authentic as possible (I got spoiled by business trips to Asia a few years back), and Mexican? I have read a bit about "Boston Lobster Feast", "Boston Fish House" and a few others; Do any good buffets have raw oysters? Thanks for any help!


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  1. Seafood is not Orlando's speciality. It is surprising, but true. It has only been in the last few years that we've had anything decent.
    By June, Oceaniare will have opened at Pointe Orlando and I expect great things of them. It's a chain, but very high-end, vis-a-vis Capital Grille, but featuring seafood.
    McCormick & Schmick's, another chain, is quite good and less pricey.
    Moonfish on Sand Lake Road is among my favorites. Oak-grilled fresh fish, sushi and chops as well.
    Roy's, again a chain, has some of the best Pacific Rim fusion food in town.
    Straub's seafood -- two locations -- is tied to one of the local importers and has a wide range at reasonable prices.
    High Tide Harry's is a beach, crab shack environment, but good and reasonable..
    I'd send you to a real dump called Lee & Rick's for oysters -- noting that oysers in Florida in June are not at their peak.
    On the coast, Dixie Crossroads has the best shrimp you will find around, if you are up to a drive and a buttload of tourists.
    For catfish and Florida seafood -- fried -- try The Catfish Place in Apopka or St. Cloud.

    My Chinese favorites include the Magic Wok on Conroy Windermere Road, Tasty Wok on Colonial at Shine, Ming's Bistro for Dim Sum just off Mills and Winnie's for a bit more formal setting.

    Mexican favorites inclue Taquito's Jalisco in Winter Garden and MetroWest, Garibaldi's on Colonial next door to High Tide Harry's, Beto's two locations for fast, cheap and good.

    The seafood buffets you mention are getting what you pay for. Pass them by.

    Much of your choice depends on where you are staying, having a car, how flexible you can be, etc. Adding that info will help to narow the choices. Also search this board. Most of what you want has already been posted over and over and over . . .


    1. i like high tide harrys on 436 the best too. i just stumbled upon a great mexican place in winter park/casselberry on 436 past howell branch called Las Margaritas-amazing carne asada! they also make a delish margarita. if you're looking for chinese, you might as well go vietnamese; we've got a great strip of restaurants on colonial near 17-92...viet garden is my favorite!

      1. For good reasonable new england style fried seafood,i really like Bostons fish house,high tide Harry's is also decent and reasonable,and has a better selection, as for Chinese, i've only been to one that i really like ,that being Imperial Dynasty ,in longword @ I - 4 &434 ,as for Mexican,having grown up in N.M., i really cant find any that satisfys here,try I will say i have followed Mr Mervine's rec's ,for other things,and he is spot on, so you may want to try his rec's ,enjoy!

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          Some good rec's here. Although I haven't seen one of my favorite's for mexican up here. P.R.'s Taco Palace in Winter Park is a lot of fun. It's a hole in the wall, but the food is great and the atmosphere is great. I second McCormick and Schmick's for seafood, probably the best around.

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            Tread very carefully at PRs. Owner got spread very thin a while back and the sanitation in the place suffered -- severely. I'm not a clean freak, but it got way beyond even my standards. They have done a MAJOR cleanup, and I have not been back. But, I'm just saying, look and smell before you buy. It 's not like there aren't other Tex-Mex places (Paco's on Fairbacks about six blocks west comes to mind) that you can't access easily.


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              Paco's is terrific. Definitely the best Mexican meal I've had since I moved here, including the one time I went to the Beto's in Casselberry. It smelled so wonderful when we walked in -- not enough restaurants have that perfect smell -- and the food did not disappoint.

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