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Ali G Apr 11, 2007 03:51 PM

I know there are a lot of Vegas posts, and I have read through a fair amount of them, but I'm going to ask for some fresh suggestions anyway. I plan on hitting Lotus of Siam while I'm in Vegas since we love Thai food and I've read some positive comments on this place. Other than that, I need some help. I've been to Las Vegas a few times before, but can't think of any meal that stood out, except maybe my steak at Gallagher's in the NYNY.

I'll be in town for a wedding, so it's not really an all out slurge type of trip. I'd like to hear some recommendations for mid-level places serving great food. We will probably go out for one nicer meal, but nothing in the way of the $500 pp places often mentioned as the best. Also, what's a Vegas trip without gorging on a casino buffet. I heard that Bellagio was the best in terms of offerings. Is that still the case? We are open to any cusine, so all suggestions are welcome, as long as they stay in the $50pp and under (we can stretch a little for a great place).


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  1. MeAndroo RE: Ali G Apr 11, 2007 04:27 PM

    The general consensus amont my friends is that the Rio has the best buffet. I haven't been since I was a kid, mainly because I don't like getting cabs if I don't have to, but I enjoyed the buffet at the Mirage. I'd avoid Circus Circus (too many kids) or the Sahara, but Harrah's had a decent lunch buffet.

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      TDS1 RE: MeAndroo Apr 11, 2007 06:55 PM

      I haven't been to the Rio recently, but I think the Bellagio is hard to beat (especially for dinner). Alaskan king crab, huge peeled shrimp, chilean sea bass, lots of other seafood choices, great salads, decent sushi and good desserts. Still my favorite buffet.

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        ashes RE: TDS1 Apr 18, 2007 07:53 PM

        We hit up the buffet at the Bellagio at the end of March and it was a good deal with excellent food (in terms of a buffet). King crab legs were excellent, had swordfish and excellent sea bass, very tasty pumpkin gnocchi, a meat bar featuring lamb, duck, prime rib. etc. To top it all off the desserts were phenomenal. We went on a Wednesday around 7 or so and it was packed. We waited in line for around 30-40 minutes. But, they run a well oiled machine and the food was worth a little wait.

    2. jbyoga RE: Ali G Apr 11, 2007 06:59 PM

      Killr Mex at Lindo Michoacan...best Guac and fresh made tortillas...mmmariachi!

      1. ceejoi RE: Ali G Apr 11, 2007 07:05 PM

        You should definitely try the buffet at the Mirage called Cravings. I've been to the buffets at Rio, Harrah's, Circus Circus and Bellagio and I think Cravings was the best. This buffet doesn't have that "cafeteria" style food. Instead, they have big, plump shrimp and crab, peking duck and roasted pork -which I haven't seen anywhere else. You can always ask to see it before you eat it.
        I've been there 3 times now and everytime, I've been very happy and very full.

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          MeAndroo RE: ceejoi Apr 13, 2007 09:13 AM

          Cravings certainly gets the job done for me. Plus I always seem to do well on those Mirage tables...I should probably stick around longer.

        2. IslayMan RE: Ali G Apr 11, 2007 08:55 PM

          You don't have to spend $500pp to get the best meal in Vegas. Drive or take a cab to Rosemary's. In my opinion, it beats anything on the strip including all the famous chef clones. (I'm sure I'll take heat over that statement!) Bring it on!!!

          1. KellBell RE: Ali G Apr 11, 2007 09:34 PM

            I love Hash House a Go Go for breakfast. The food is great!

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              ap616 RE: Ali G Apr 12, 2007 11:34 AM

              I live in Vegas, and I think Aladdin has the best buffet in town. Try Satay Malaysian Grill for Malaysian food...it's not too far from the Strip.

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                GroovinGourmet RE: ap616 Apr 13, 2007 04:16 AM

                Agreed, ap. Spice Market buffet rules!

                And I'll second the reco for Rosemary's...best overall dining experience in Vegas, baby!

              2. sarahvagaca RE: Ali G Apr 13, 2007 02:44 PM

                For me, the Bellagio has the best buffet for dinner. The Wynn buffet is also good, but the most expensive for dinner and when I went there a second time after they'd been open for a while, it seemed like they'd started to scrimp on things. For example, they have this amazing version of a tuna nicoise salad and the first time we went there they had bowls of the ingredients so that you could add more of the things you like, including delicious seared tuna. The last time we went, this had been done away with. Kind of a bummer, especially when you pay so much for entry.

                I also would recommend Rosemary's if you have a chance to leave the Strip.

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                  a2bondfn RE: Ali G Apr 18, 2007 11:45 PM

                  For whatever reason, I didn't particularly like my Spice Buffet experience. I would say Bradley Ogden at Caesar's Palace is one of my favorite places, with really good food at reasonable prices. With alcohol, you'll be a bit over $50 pp but it's doable. I really think that Mon Ami Gabi has solid food with a great view - you can eat out on the patio and stare at the Bellagio fountains - and it should be in your price range. Catch a crepe on your way out the door!

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