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Apr 11, 2007 03:46 PM

Kiriko/ Tenn lunch?

As I often do when having a bad day at work, I headed out this afternoon to treat myself to a relaxing sushi lunch at a good sushi bar. Having heard great things about Sushi Tenn, I decided today was the day to try it...but then I got there and it was closed, with a sign saying they are temporarily closed for lunch for the time being. ?!?!?! Frustrated but not down, I went down the street to Kirko, where I've had some good quiet lunch hours. And they were closed too?!?!?! Now I'm kind of annoyed...I ended up at Hide, quick and fantastic as usual, but not what I was planning. Does anyone know why Kirko and/or Tenn are closed for lunch right now?

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  1. I don't know about Sushi Tenn but the owner of Kiriko was on annual vacation so they won't open until 18th this month. I was craving for black sesame ice-cream so I called and that's what it said on the answering machine. You can leave them a meesage to make reservation.

    I'd suggest having lunch at Torafuku next time you have a bad day. Ask for the seat at the back which are usually much quieter than in the open area.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up about Sushi Tenn. I often head there for lunch and would have found it very frustrating to have found it closed.

      Wonder if this is the beginning of the end and they are going out of business. I love the place, but it's always pretty empty, so I wonder how they stay in business. I love their chirashi lunch special (or perhaps now that it's closed for lunch, I should say, I loved, in the past tense) - I think it's better than the chirashi at either Mori or Sushi Sushi and it's cheaper too.

      1. A lot of Japanese restaurants close on Monday. That's their day off.

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          That's largely because the fish is not as fresh on Monday. However, the OP was talking about a Wednesday afternoon. It just sounds like something temporary. Kiriko does usually shut down for a little while around this time of year. I don't know about Tenn.

        2. i would add sushi sushi to your list of nice westside sushi lunch joints. the food is fantastic and a better value than both kiriko and tenn while being even better quality (i havent had the sushi lunch at kiriko for over a year now so my memory is hazy, but i remember not being all that impressed with the 30 dollar lunch omakase at kiriko)

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          1. re: modernist

            I really liked the $55 omakase lunch at Sushi, Sushi, but it is not everyday that one (or at least this one) feels like spending $55 for lunch. As to chirashi, I actually enjoyed the chirashi at Sushi Tenn better than the Sushi Sushi chirashi, and the Sushi Tenn chirashi was considerably less expensive to boot. However, since Sushi Tenn now seems to be closed for lunch, this is a bit academic.

            I just wish lunch at Sushi Sushi didn't quite feel like I was jammed into a subway car on the Yamamoto line at rush hour.

            1. re: omotosando

              i've been going almost weekly and its usually quite quiet there.
              the 12 dollar lunch sushi and chirashi is average, but the 20/22 dollar premium lunches are very good!

              ill have to try the sushi tenn chirashi. does it have all the premium stuff like oo toro, mirugai, uni, hamachi, amae ebi etc?

              1. re: modernist

                I was actually comparing the $22 chirashi at Sushi Sushi (plus I think $2 for tea, so actually $24) with the $18 chirashi (tea included) at Sushi Tenn. No toro, uni or ama ebi in the Sushi Tenn chirashi, but I still thought it was better quality than the Sushi Sushi chirashi. If I wanted to splurge at Sushi Tenn, I just added a side order of toro (and the last time I did, it was really good, albeit $14). But, again, all academic, since according to the OP, lunchtime at Sushi Tenn is no more.

                P.S. I just called Sushi Tenn and verified that they are no longer open for lunch.
                I am really going to miss it as a lunch place - easy parking, good fish, reasonable prices at lunch, uncramped seating, great service.

                1. re: omotosando

                  See, it's strange! I also want to try Sushi Sushi, and since I work in Beverly Hills, it's walking distance, but when I want to get away...the last thing I want to do is cram myself in with other people in the Industry or with anyone I might know, so I head west. And yes, it usually sounds more expensive than the other places, which are still more than I'd spend picking up a salad...

                  1. re: Quesera

                    I can verify that there are always a lot of entertainment people at lunch at Sushi, Sushi, at least whenever I have been. The reason I know this is because they sit at the bar loudly talking about their projects. Not exactly my idea of lunchtime tranquility.

                  2. re: omotosando

                    you still gotta do it. its the best sushi lunch around, especially if the premium stuff counts to you. (it does to me) the only other lunch that comes close is the sushi gen lunch (of course, which is cheaper at 12 bux but minus the premium stuff) and the kasen chirashi in fountain valley. if there are other better values at this high a quality, someone please holla!

                    you can always make reservations for the end table nearest to the serving stations, and you'll be somewhat more isolated. some of the clientele look nauseating but never usually act lame enough to spoil my lunch. its actually kind of fascinating to watch on an anthropological level.

                    in a whispered voice: here we have two low level producers talking loudly in their natural habitat.... the sushi bar....

                    1. re: modernist

                      I like the sushi lunch at Echigo. Both the $11 lunch and the $30 or is it $35 omakase there at the bar.

                      1. re: Senor Popusa

                        I love echigo too, but it's not enough food. So I end up ordering more, which is fine since they will bring you and just charge you for one piece of nigiri if thats what you want, which is great in my mind...

                      2. re: modernist

                        WEll, I am in the "Industry" with a slight distaste for it at the moment (hence the often needing to get away) so it's not exactly the environment I want to put myself in. That said, doesnt mean I can't go there for lunch with someone fact, I think I may do that with a friend next Wednesday!

              2. A nearby restaurant owner/friend told me that Tenn is closing and Yuzu (from Torrance) will be taking over that space. I only live 2 blocks away from Sawtelle but never had a meal at Tenn.

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                1. re: gomagoma

                  Anyone know anything about Yuzu? I am really sad about Sushi Tenn closing.

                  From searching the Chowhound archives, it sounds like Yuzu is an izakaya rather than a sushi place.