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Best fruit in NYC

Hi all...looking for the best tasting and freshest fruit in Manhattan. Anyone have any recommendations? Just got back from France and am craving good fruit...
Thanks in advance! :)

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  1. I think we're actually in that in-between fruit season. The apples and pears are winding down, most of which are now from cold storage. And the first spring strawberries are just beginning to arrive from California. So far, I haven't seen any that look really, really good. Last year, I bought some absolutely delicious peaches at Garden of Eden. But the peach season is still quite a ways off. :-( (I'm referring to peaches grown in the US in Georgia, S.C. and, of course, NJ, not the ones imported during the winter from South America.)

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      All the berries are in season in Chile and sold in many of the better stores like Fairway or Whole foods.

      Commercial farmed fruit is never great in America, not picked ripe. The Green Markets around the city have good fruit in the summer, since they are locally grown and picked ripe and brought to market that day.

      I want to add that all food grown in France is always better then American grown food.
      France is the birthplace of all things that taste good. Nothing ever compares.

      I heart France and the food there...

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        Ive always liked the fruit at Garden of Eden
        Excellent quality and beautiful presentation

    2. I agree that it's not the best time for fresh fruit, but the best place I've found in Manhattan for consistently high-quality produce is Manhattan Fruit Exchange at Chelsea Market.


      Their prices are really good, too.


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          probably because it's ~3.5 years old! nonetheless, google still works pretty well...

      1. As weetara said, Manhattan Fruit Exchange in Chelsea Market is fantastic!!

        I also like the Barzini's sidewalk stalls and fruit vendors because a lot of them sell "overripe" fruit (what I consider just right).

        And as much as I hate to give my endorsement to an often-overrated chain, Whole Foods has better fruit than most supermarkets, esp. for out-of-season items. I bought some pretty good cherries the other day at the Columbus Circle location.

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          I agree, the Manhattan Fruit Exchange is my favorite place for produce. they have a great variety of hard to find fruits and veggies, and are CHEAP!

          Also, I have been getting these delicious asian pear type things in chinatown (grand around bowery). They are smaller and paler than regular asian pears, and it must be in season right now because most fruit stalls down there are selling them 3 for $1. The stickers on them say "star pear" or some similar generic name i can't remember, and each one is wrapped in paper and a styrofoam sleeve. Chilled and sliced these are incredibly refreshing and juicy. i've also always thought oranges and mandarins are much sweeter and tastier in chinatown.

        2. Best tasting and freshest fruit in Manhattan is not in Manhattan, it's at the Park Slope Food Coop. Organic and usually grown within 150 miles of NYC on small-scale non-factory farms. Like they way they do it in Europe.

          But, and this is the major rub, it's in Brooklyn and you have to be a member to shop there.

          Other than that, you can find good stuff at Whole Foods, Fairway, Gourmet Garage, Dean & DeLuca, Citerella and whatever the hell Balducci's has become. The rub here is that you have to pay an arm and a leg for what is really just fancy, good-looking commercial produce.

          1. The bridgemarket food emporium on 59th St and 1st ave has a nice selection. You can usually get good quality off season and hard to find fruit.

            1. Thanks for starting this thread - as an expat from Europe I can never get over how bad the fruits and vegetables usually taste in the US, so this is very handy.

              1. Yeah, it's a funny season right now. I'm eagerly awaiting lush summer fruit. In the fall and winter you can't beat the Union Square Green Market for apples, although now that the growing season and harvest are well over, the Pink Lady apples I got at Whole Foods in Union Sq this week were very very tasty. Tart and juicy, without being supermarket Granny Smith nasty. In summer you also can't beat what you can find in Union Square. I'm counting the days to tomato season. And sour cherries.

                The couple of times I've wandered in to the Manhattan Fruit Exchange in Chelsea Market I've been greeted with the sight of limp, wilted, wrinkly, old looking produce. Albeit rare and hard to find stuff, and fairly cheap.

                The consistently best produce departments - that I've found - that don't involve seasonal shopping and green markets is Fairway, both locations.

                1. I have to agree with Garden of Eden. Their fruit always feels like it's hand-picked. Never have gone wrong there ---exceppttttttttt--with the apples. Fairway and (gulp) even Whole Foods usually has better organic delicious apples. But for everything else: hands down, Garden of Eden.

                  Garden of Eden
                  7 E 14th St, New York, NY 10003

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                    I also like Garden of Eden very much. Bought delicious peaches all summer long there!

                    Garden of Eden
                    7 E 14th St, New York, NY 10003

                  2. Us too, just back from France with family. Every single morning there was a loaf of brioche, baguette, or whole grain bread (it's in their genes to make the daily trip to the boulangerie before work). Also on the table were recycled jars - mustard, Bonne Maman, cornichons - wit h regular jar lids. Inside were the most delicious jams I ever tasted. Coing (plums) were obiquitous, since the trees outside were producing. Strawberry, fig, apricot - thick, tasting simply of fruit and sugar. Buy your fruit in the country, close to where it falls from the tree.

                      1. Reviving this zombie thread to see if Garden of Eden & Manhattan Fruit Exchange at the Chelsea Market are still the best Manhattan has to offer for quality of fruit. Have had a craving lately.

                        Note: Great fruit does not just mean it is fresh (although it is hard to have great fruit without it being fresh). I've had plenty of fresh fruit that isn't very special.

                        To the French ex-pats reading this post, you all are pretty spoiled with the quality of fruit you have back home. I haven't been able to find fruit in NYC that excites me nearly as much as what I came across in France (and Spain).

                        Manhattan Fruit Exchange
                        75 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011

                        Garden of Eden
                        7 E 14th St, New York, NY 10003