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Apr 11, 2007 03:43 PM

How to use Asian dried anchovies?

I love the "fresh" European anchovies and have found and invented many uses for them. I've often noticed the bins and bags of dried anchovies at Asian groceries. How are these used? Anyone have any recipes?


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  1. I sometimes just eat them out of the bag -- I dip them in kochujang.

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    1. re: C. Hamster

      I eat them as a snack. I also read an article recently that you can simmer them in water for about 15 min. to make a quick stock that serves as the base for a lot of Korean soups and stews.

      I know this sounds weird but I also keep a bag of them in the fridge as cat treats. I like that they're not full of fillers and preservatives (I buy the ones with the ingredients: fish, salt) like conventional pet treats. It totally grosses my boyfriend out when the cats and I sit around in the kitchen eating them.

      1. re: Candice

        Wow! Cat treats - That's exactly what I was thinking! I reckon that my dogs would love them too.

    2. my grandmother always uses them for a broth for various simple korean soups and stews

      1. my family usually eats them like they're chips or with steamed rice and fresh cucumbers.

        1. They're used to make sambals and as a base for fish stocks. I've also had them fried and served as a side dish. If you google "ikan bilis" you'll find lots of recipe suggestions.

          1. in korea you use them for making fish stock..then you throw away the fish after the stock is made. or you can buy the tiny tiny ones and stir fry them with some sugar and sesame seeds and eat them with rice