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Apr 11, 2007 03:43 PM

SpillTheWine - Msp

Any reviews of the newly opened SpillTheWine on Washington Avenue - in Minneapolis? I drove by and saw they were open for business.

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  1. I'm very excited as I work right near there. I just drove by at at least 4 or 5 tables that I could see were filled. Andrew Zimmern posted his high hopes for them yesterday:

    1. We were thinking of trying Spill the Wine this weekend so I'll post a review if we go. I think it sounds great.

      1. Kathy Jenkins just featured it in Small Bites in today's Pioneer Press. She liked it! Sounds intriguing.


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          I called them and got their website address::
          haven't been there to try it yet though.

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            Odd that there is no wine list on their website.

          2. Me and my SO went last night. First off the good things - the space is great. brick walls, cool art, nice looking wine bar. They have also only been open 2 weeks and are working out some kinks. The menu is nice enough, but really missing out on a couple of items i think a "wine" restaurant should have. No cheese plate. No charcuterie plate. The wine list is long with some nice stand outs that were fairly priced. Lots of bottles in the$30 range that are ok. They have flights that come on this little metal spiral thing that the glasses sit in. kind of cool. my SO had the spanish flight that was alright. I had a glass of the Fess Parker Chardonay that they served at about 45 degrees. Way too cold to be enjoyed.

            The food. We started out with the mussels. They are huge and sometimes bigger isnt better. Kind of chewy and are served with white wine and garlic sauce that also has some tomatoes in it and 4 pieces of pizza bread with tomato sauce and garlic. Maybe i just like a good traditional mussels in white wine and garlic like at Cafe Barbette. All the tomato kind of drowned out the other flavors. eh, not a big fan.

            We split the medallion of beef tenderloin salad that was served with romaine and bleu cheese dressing. this was pretty good. a little goopy, but in a good way. beef was tasty. like it. could have used some kind of bread or crouton with it.

            Also split the herb crusted pork chop with a sweet potato chutney of sorts and potato gnocci. Not bad, but could have used more sauce. Taste was good, but a little dry. All in all none of the food really impressed us last night. Service was a little hovering, felt like it was her first serving job and didnt know when to just leave us alone. But she did ask us for suggestions at the end when we paid our tab and we let her know our opinions.

            But, the place has definate potential and really seems like somewhere nice and new to go in that area. We will definately go back to try more in a month once they have smoothed out some things.

            1. We headed to Spill, very logically, after a reading at The Loft last night. It's a perfect combination--wine bar/arts center and I've been dying to give the one-two punch a try. We were so disappointed with the food that we left half a glass of wine behind to go find something more edible. The baked brie was actually just a hunk of the cheese sitting in a pool of balsamic and served with not-that-fresh baguette. The brushchetta was scarce on tomatoes and heavy on chunks of mozzarella--9 bucks for three tiny pieces. The meals were elaborate and elaborately priced and after our disappointing appetizers we didn't even give it a go. We were also disappointed we couldn't get the oven-fired pizzas, apparently only available at lunch (the menu is on the back of the dinner menu and it's a bit confusing). Maybe lunch is better?