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Apr 11, 2007 03:31 PM

Craving Mangosteen

Just back from Thailand and wondering if we ever get fresh mangosteen or rambutan imported here? Anyone spotted them at Berkeley Bowl or one of the Asian markets?
I've also wondered why we don't get fresh straw mushrooms here—mushroom growers, a new product for you to introduce!

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  1. I've had mangosteen in Thailand as well. YUM!
    I've seen whole frozen mangosteen in asian supermarkets (almost any) and they don't come close to the fresh ones and they're not juicy. Sorry.

    1. Yes, mangosteen is the most delicious fruit I've ever tasted. Probably because it's not available here.

      There are occasional rambutan sightings, from Central america, I think. Don't recall any fresh mangosteen.

      1. I read awhile back that U.S. import rules will now make it easier to bring in fresh mangosteen but so far I haven't seen them fresh, just frozen like ceejoi says. Maybe only at fancy restaurants on the dessert menu (and then probably just in LA and New York)

        1. Fresh mangosteen are not currently approved for import. But there is an outstanding USDA "Proposed Rule" which, if approved, will allow the importation of irradiated tropical fruit from Thailand.

          However, there are many fruit farmers, in particular those in Hawaii, that are fighting that rule, since the decision could impact their business significantly. There is also a limited number of mangosteens grown in Hawaii, but they are not currently allowed to be exported to the mainland. What a shame.

          1. You are me! Just got back also a couple weeks ago, mangosteen is the best ever! I was so tempted to try to smuggle some back.