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Apr 11, 2007 02:55 PM

I want to go CHERRY PICKING!

I used to go when I was little every year for about 5 years. The whole cherry picking experience is so fun to me. I love picking them and eating them and wearing that bucket around my neck. I don't remember where we used to go and for some odd reason my mom doesn't either.... :/

I've tried doing a search online but so many places come up. I'd like anyone with recent cherry picking experiences to tell me which farm I should visit and which ones I should stay away from.

Southern California farms please. Thanks.

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  1. Looks like you're going to have to wait another month and a half. Check out We've gone to Hobart's and Northside. I prefer Northside, they have huge trees that you have to climb on a ladder to get to the gems and it's lots of fun.

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      ceejoi: young lady I don`t know where in southern/cal you live but just as a suggestion
      if you can`t find a farm to go to maybe you still have quite abit of time before the cherries will be ready to come off. you might find a person that has some trees in
      thier back yard. I use to have a couple of trees, and I would pick them for my mother
      she was 94 years old and was still canning cherries. It took me about 10 minutes
      to get tired of picking them things. and these two trees really produced. especially
      the bing variety. good luck on your search.. happy picking. I sure don`t envy you.

    2. This may be a little too north for your needs but I'll post it anyway.
      The Murray Family Farm has Cherry picking from April to July. They're located in the Southern San Jaoquin Valley, just as you start the climb up the Tehachapis on Hwy 58 (about 30 minutes east of Bakersfield). They're right off the freeway so they're very easy to access.
      The Murrays reportedly ship cherries to Japan so they're of very good quality. You can contact them through their website for more info if you're interested.

      You can also find more You-pick-'em farms at this website (don't know how current the info is):