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Duff's Buffalo Wings

Hey all, I absolutely love Duff's wings, but their locations are pretty inconvenient for me. Accordingly, I'm wondering if anyone has a recipe to replicate this lip-puckering pride of Buffalo. Thanks!

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  1. I've been fooling around a bit now and then using tomato juice, butter and vinegar as a base and adjusting hotness with srirachi.


    1. Frank's hot sauce mixed with melted butter is how they're normally made around here. The wings are deep-fried, then tossed with the sauce. The more butter you add, the less spicy the sauce.

      I like a little extra vinegar in my sauce, personally.

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        I have found that the basic butter/Frank's sauce with a squirt of fresh lemon juice and some fresh grated parmesan (thickens the sauce and taste good too) makes for a great Buffalo Wing. What this has to do with Duff's I couldn't begin to tell you ................

      2. Buffalo style chicken wings are easy to make at home. The hardest part is the deep frying...
        Must be deep fried in hot oil. No baking. Period.
        Dressing... 1/2 Frank's brand Red Hot sauce & 1/2 melted margarine (originally was butter). In a big bowl. Add cooked wings. Toss to coat. Serve hot.
        That's it.

        Frank's is now available for purchase online, just do a search.
        As far as turning up the volume on the heat, (as in Duff's 'suicide' wings) I do not know what Anchor Bar or Duff's do, but I would try adding very finely powdered hot cayenne or sanaam chile to the sauce and letting it sit a bit to let the heat develop. Reheat the sauce before tossing if you need to. I think what you are going for is the addition of heat without changing the flavor of the sauce. By the way, as a Buffalonian, and chicken wing fan, I find Duff's wings so salty, they are almost inedible. I do not know how they serve their wings in their Toronto locations. Anchor Bar usually serves their wings too over-fried and dried out for my tastes.
        Yes, people do mess around with the recipe. Most common variance is the addition of more vinegar. (There is already vinegar in the Frank's Red Hot sauce.)
        Feel free to add what ever you like. Swap out Frank's for some other hot sauce. Add cheese, or lemon, or chocolate syrup. But once you start changing things, you are moving away from a Buffalo wing, and into new territory. Please don't tell your friends you are serving them Buffalo wings. Well, okay... If you live outside of the U.S. I will cut you some slack.

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          I've tried Frank's Red Hot, but I don't believe it's as sour as Duff's. Maybe I should try adding vinegar or some lemon juice as suggested here. I could very well be wrong, but to me Duff's wings taste like the sauce really permeates the meat. Are they perhaps marinated?

          Don't get me wrong guys, I'm definitely going to try some of these recipes, but I'd really like to replicate Duff's famous wings.

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            Hey Spiffy Dude,

            Since it's no longer 2007 and it's now 2014 - were you ever able to replicate the Duffs recipe or anything close to it?

            I would love to hear your recipe if you have one, because I love Duffs and I have been trying to replicate it myself.


        2. Well, since we are all ending up talking about our favorite way to do wings, I must say that I tried both frying and baking and baking is my favorite...I use the recipe on Frank's as well, add a bit less butter than recommended, and add Cayenne Pepper, because we like it hot...I also buy my drummettes at Whole Foods, because they have a lot more meat on them, and they are not anymore expensive there than anywhere else...

          1. I don't know Duff's. That said, I figured I would share a few ideas regarding wings that I make. I deep fry them and make a sauce with frank's, butter, brown sugar, and a touch of white vinegar. I like my blue cheese sauce with a touch of onion or garlic.
            The other way I make them, (I know, it's not the real way) is Bobby Flay's recipe for grilled wings with chipotle sauce. They are a family favorite.

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              The brown sugar and white vinegar sound intriguing. Could you elaborate on your recipe please?

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                I wish I could be specific, but I don't have a recipe, I just kind of play it by ear (or "wing it"(sorry)).
                If you get a bottle of Frank's, I'm sure they have the recipe for basic wing sauce. That should get you the right ratio of wing sauce to butter.
                After that, add just a splash of white vinegar. I think I saw on America's Test Kitchen that it was explained that the vinegar is what gives the sauce that "bite" that when you smell wings, it clears the sinuses!
                Once you get to that point, add brown sugar to taste. I like it pretty sweet. Sometimes I put a little honey in too.

                On another note, when we make chili, my accompaniments are ALWAYS hot sauce and honey. I love the hot/sweet combo.

                Wish I could be more specific, best of luck with it!

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                  Thanks. I might try it this weekend. Will let you know how it turns out.

            2. They do use Franks Red hot, and a variety of other ingredients, also try adding a splash of cider vinegar to the sauce. Don't over do it or it completely changes the sauce, but they do have that in there wing sauce. They also use habanero in there hotter sauces and a variety of other ingredients. The key is to just slightly melt the butter ( make sure you use unsalted butter, nothing else, add your own salt in ( always use Kosher Salt, any chef will tell you that.) You don't want the butter to seperate, you just want it to become a liquid and cream like. Then add the rest of your indredients, i always use a burr or immersion blender to emmulsify the sauce. It brings all the ingredients together and doesn't leave any chunks, also helps keep the sauce from breaking, or seperating. Thats def part of what duffs does, seeing as they make there sauces in big batches, it would be the only way. Just experiment, i couldn't tell you there exact sauce, but i have replicated it pretty close. Its more or less how you make the sauce, not just whats in it.

              Now im just trying to figure out there bleu cheese sauce. Because its not just bleu cheese dressing, its sweeter and not as bitter as regular bleu cheese. They might use a bottled buffalo style bleu cheese dipping sauce, but i cant find one similar other then from sysqo or US foods.

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                last time I was at duff's I asked for their recipe since I no longer live in Buffalo. They obviously wouldn't share with me. They DID however tell me about the Bleu Cheese. I am serious about this- it is Kraft Food Service bleu cheese dressing (only available wholesale and not in stores) mixed with a little red wine. That's all it is.

              2. I found out that the secret was shaking the wings in a closed container with the sauce, I tried it, and it is spot on. Thoroughly cook your wings until they are crispy, then use Frank's Red Hot and add any other spices you like but butter is optional. I warm the sauce in a saucepan before mixing it with the wings. Combine wings and sauce in a covered container and shake the S#*! out of it until the wings are well covered with sauce.

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                  Reading this thread makes me think I should plan a trip to Duff's. Unlike the OP, it is very convenient for me--I can walk there. Of course we we tend to go only when we have out of town guests. In our defense, it's not like we're going elsewhere for wings . . .

                2. Since this thread was started in 2007 - has anyone figured out the Duffs recipe or something close to it since then?