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Apr 11, 2007 02:21 PM

lunch recommendations near Aquarium of the Pacific

taking my kids to visit the aquarium. Need a place to dine nearby (preferrably walking distance). I recall the last time we were there, we settled on a pizza place since we didn't plan ahead. Please let me know if there are any places we should try...with 2 young kids. Thanks!

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  1. This is a more challenging request than it should be--the cafeteria inside the Aquarium is barely adequate, and the restaurants in the Pike shopping center across the street ain't much either--Bubba Gump might seriously be the best choice. has a list.

    We usually end up eating a snack inside the Aquarium and then driving somewhere else for a better meal afterwards--usually down 2nd Street to Belmont Shore. On our last visit, PayOrPlay Jr and I were going to go to Open Sesame for kabobs but it was a long wait so we ended up at to George's for Greek food, and then (the key to the whole thing) we walked down the street to Aromi di Roma for their excellent gelato.

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      BTW, somewhere else on the board today it's pointed out that this coming weekend (apr 13-15) is the Long Beach Grand Prix, so maybe not the best weekend to head to the Aquarium. Hope this doesn't interfere with your plans.

    2. I usually take the kids to Chili's near the aquarium. I can usually find something to eat and the kids like the food. If I was going somewhere coming or going, it would be Berth 55 just over the bridge in the port, or Joe Josts (yes kids are fine at Joe's in fact welcome). We go to shoreline village (a fairly short walk) to the mexican restaurant (fair, but kid friendly) and finish the night at the arcade next door.

      1. I really like eating a George's Greek Deli. I'm not sure if it's walking distance but I know there's a free shuttle from the aquarium that will take you really close