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Apr 11, 2007 02:09 PM

Hibachi in Columbus Ohio?

My wife and I are in staying on the north side of Columbus for a few days and were wondering if there were any good places to get hibachi steak around town... Not necessarily 5 star/50 dollar a plate, but just good quality, clean and somewhat affordable. We're from Atlanta and love eating at the Orient Express in Smyrna (like a Benihana, I guess, but way better and just a tad more expensive) and I'm starting to wonder if we'll find a place up here that compares as far as quality/value go.

We're also planning on checking out some somewhat-cheap, decent quality mexican food. The place we're used to in Atlanta is real cheap but real authentic too, so I was hoping to find something along those lines while I was up here. A friend said that El Vaquero is pretty good (although it may be too chain-ey and tex-mex for our tastes) and also recommended El Adobe (which I can't even find online, except for Adobe Gila's @ Easton?). I saw someone mention La Fogota Grill in another thread, I'm thinking of checking them out and anywhere else I see that looks good (we really like mexican food). It seems like Chile Verde gets good reviews on other sites so I was considering going by there as well.

Any suggestions you guys have for good places to get some hibachi steak (or decent Mexican) would be greatly appreciated. We're considering moving up here so we'd like to get a good idea of what we'd be in for food-wise.

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  1. You might try a Korean place called Kaya (4710 Reed Rd) which has the tables with barbecues. But I think you need to tell them that is what you want before you are seated. If you want teppanyaki with the chefs doing tricks, I think Fujiyama on Cleveland Ave is the best, but I haven't been for years.

    Columbus is not known for its Mexican food. But it is pretty good for eating out. It has a reputation for having chain restaurants, but there are plenty of great independents if you know where to go. I go back and forth with El Vaquero -- sometimes I have great food and sometimes it is crap. Guess it depends on the cooks. My favorite place used to be La Casita on Bethel Road, but it isn't as good as it used to be. I have heard good things about Cazuelas near OSU, but I haven't been myself (it is fairly new).

    1. I second Kaya for the Hibachi meal. As far as Mexican, I love El Vaquero, but it is kind of tex-mex. It is good and fast and they have a huge menu. I also like Cuco's on Henderson Road - it is in a little strip mall with Verizon Wireless and they have great fish tacos. I don't like Chile Verde , but I know a lot of other people do. La Casita on Bethel is also good for Mexican - it's more like El Vaquero. The west side of Columbus is full of Mexican places that are very authentic, like La Plaza Tapatia behind Westland Mall on West Broad, but the other places mentioned are closer to the north side. Let us know what you try!

      1. Not sure about Hibachi restaurants around here, but I work with a Korean guy who speaks highly of Kaya...definitely going to try it now. As far as Mexican goes, El Vaquero is alright for a basic fix, but I have to agree with the recommend on Cuco's. $1.50 traditional taqueria style tacos ( including lengua, fish, al pastor. La Michoacana is great too. It's a big Mexican market on 161 (North side) that has a restaurant attached.