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Apr 11, 2007 01:21 PM

Upscale Sports Bar

A friend is coming to Boston this weekend and wanted to go to an upscale sports bar. Got me thinking - are there any? If the Sox are not in town I was thinking of Eastern Standard or Game On. Possible the Cask n Flagan? I think the problem is that the nicer bars in town often show the games, but there is no sound. I'm stumped!

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  1. The Sox are in town this weekend (playing the Los Angeles Angels, whose team name by the way is translated into English as "The Angels Angels"--wonder who was the brains behind that move).

    Not many upscale sports bars in the Boston area, but there are upscale bars that will have the game on. Probably want to stay away from the Fenway area, though, unless you don't mind huge crowds.

    Maybe head to Cambridge to a place like Spirit or Cambridge Common? The aren't upscale, but they are nice enough and there should be plenty of room to watch the game.

    1. I'm not sure what qualifies as "up scale." This weekend will be tough with the Sox in town. I think there'll be more folks than usual all over the city as well due to the Marathon on Monday.

      I'd stay away from Fenway and consider The Fours and Boston Beerworks on Canal Street. Beerworks may not have the game volume on if there's a concert at the Garden. Porter's nearby on Portland have good burgers and a nice beer selection.

      Sports Depot (not so upscale) will absolutely have the game on and volume blasting.