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Apr 11, 2007 01:21 PM

Dinner for a 27th bday

I am organizing a dinner for my friend's 27th birthday. There are about 10 of us going to dinner and every time we go out for a birthday everyone wants to do Stanton Social. We went to Thor for another birthday and Mercadito for someone else's. My friends like Stanton because there's something for everyone and it's fun to share. Here are some places that none of us has been to just yet and we were considering:

-Extra Virgin
-One Little West 12
-Core 191
-Piccolo Angelo

When I mentioned these to my friend, she thought Core 191's menu seemed too small. Just wanted to know what people thought of the places mentioned above and if anyone had other suggestions?


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  1. I think Extra Virgin is nice - quintessential west village spot. I haven't been to the others. For group dinners I have gone to Kittichai and Mai House, and both are really nice (but kinda expensive). Supper is a good East Village spot and reasonable priced - food is awesome.

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      Ditto Kittichai...what a fun place to get the night started! I think they have some of the best drinks in town.

    2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Stanton Social!!!!!!
      Agave is also great for groups and the atmosphere is fantastic!

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        Extra Virgin is fantastic but you may want to check they can accomodate a table of 10. Do not waste your night on Agave, bland, uninspiried mexican.

      2. I had my birthday party last year at One Little W12th. They were "okay." I would check out some of your other places instead of there.

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          I love to "go out" to OLW12...I've had their food and wasn't very impressed.