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Apr 11, 2007 01:20 PM

Anything decent in Yorba Linda?!!!

Been living in Yorba Linda for about 4 years and have yet to find anything remotely decent. Tired of driving out all over Orange County. Is there anything half way decent near or around Yorba Linda?

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  1. Not quite YL, but there's Rosine's Mediterrenean cuisine off Weir & Santa Ana Cyn Rd which is *really* good.

    And IIRC (it's been a couple years!), on Fairmont Blvd off Santa Ana Cyn Rd, there's a good Japanese neighborhood restaurant that had good, decent sushi.

    Foscari's serves a better-than-most neighbourhood italian fare off Imp Hwy & 91. And you have Knowlwood's next door for hamburgers.

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      thanks will try your suggestions.

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        oh, how about korean restaurants in the area?

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          The only Korean restaurant in north OC that I'm aware of is in Fullerton (SW corner of State College Blvd/Chapman Ave). They have decent bi bim bap, but it doesn't have the homey taste that one that downtown Fullerton used to have (now closed).

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          That Japanese restaurant really is quite good. It's next to the Hibachi Steakhouse, correct? In that same little plaza, there's a Thai restaurant which I've heard good things about as well.

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            That's the one. I've still yet to try the Hibachi Steakhouse and the Thai restaurant.

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              I tried that Thai restaurant, and was really disappointed. More recently I discovered Korbua at Kellogg & Orangethorpe in the same plaza as the Stater Bros. and loved it. They have new management there and I take it these folks are much better at food than the old.

              I was just here to sort of give that japanese place my thumbs up too.

        3. I'm not familiar with Yorba Linda, but there are some really good restaurants in Fullerton and Brea.

          Taps in Brea for seafood and prime rib
          Summit House in Fullerton has awesome prime rib and john dory fish

          1. There's a branch of the Original Pancake House which is fantastic -- concur on Foscari's. There's a Senor Baja not far from YL on Weir Cyn Rd in Anaheim Hills for fantastic fish tacos, El Farolito in Placentia (is that close enough?), Taps in Brea.

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              Yes, the Original Pancake House! On the corner of Lakeview and Yorba Linda Blvd. Yum.

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                At the Yorba Linda OPH: great pancakes, excellent egg dishes, good service, horrible coffee. For some reason, the coffee at all the OC OPH branches tastes like they boiled the wrong piece of cardboard. I'm waiting eagerly for the new location on Chapman in Orange (supposedly opening sometime early next year). When I complained to OPH central about their coffee in OC, they assured me that the new location will have the real thing. Bad coffee is unforgivable anywhere at this high-quality nationwide chain, because the food is so good, and the coffee is good-to-excellent at the great majority of their locations.

              2. For a quick lunch, stop by Veda's in Brea. Its in a commercial area on the northwest corner of Pine/Lambert. You have to drive into the commerical area parking lot. (Diagonal from In-N-Out) They have really good sandwiches which they spread their special sauce on called "goo". I reccomend you order the Veda's Club. It's filled with deli sliced turkey, lettuce, avocado and bacon. They don't skimp on the bacon or turkey either. I used to work out in Brea and would get a Veda's sandwich at least 3 times a week.
                Open M-F 7am-4pm
                Sat til 4pm

                1. Alicia's Cookery in Brea (590 W. Central). This is a little cute place that has GREAT sandwiches. I especially love their Sat. special sandwich (pork loin)...melts in your mouth. They have really good food, and the cookies are soooo good. They are not open for dinner, but they do have daily dinners to go that you can pick up in oven/microwave-ready containers. We ordered from them for Thanksgiving dinner and the portions are huge! Definitely give it a try.