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Anything decent in Yorba Linda?!!!

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Been living in Yorba Linda for about 4 years and have yet to find anything remotely decent. Tired of driving out all over Orange County. Is there anything half way decent near or around Yorba Linda?

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  1. Not quite YL, but there's Rosine's Mediterrenean cuisine off Weir & Santa Ana Cyn Rd which is *really* good.

    And IIRC (it's been a couple years!), on Fairmont Blvd off Santa Ana Cyn Rd, there's a good Japanese neighborhood restaurant that had good, decent sushi.

    Foscari's serves a better-than-most neighbourhood italian fare off Imp Hwy & 91. And you have Knowlwood's next door for hamburgers.

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      thanks will try your suggestions.

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        oh, how about korean restaurants in the area?

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          The only Korean restaurant in north OC that I'm aware of is in Fullerton (SW corner of State College Blvd/Chapman Ave). They have decent bi bim bap, but it doesn't have the homey taste that one that downtown Fullerton used to have (now closed).

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          That Japanese restaurant really is quite good. It's next to the Hibachi Steakhouse, correct? In that same little plaza, there's a Thai restaurant which I've heard good things about as well.

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            That's the one. I've still yet to try the Hibachi Steakhouse and the Thai restaurant.

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              I tried that Thai restaurant, and was really disappointed. More recently I discovered Korbua at Kellogg & Orangethorpe in the same plaza as the Stater Bros. and loved it. They have new management there and I take it these folks are much better at food than the old.

              I was just here to sort of give that japanese place my thumbs up too.

        3. I'm not familiar with Yorba Linda, but there are some really good restaurants in Fullerton and Brea.

          Taps in Brea for seafood and prime rib
          Summit House in Fullerton has awesome prime rib and john dory fish

          1. There's a branch of the Original Pancake House which is fantastic -- concur on Foscari's. There's a Senor Baja not far from YL on Weir Cyn Rd in Anaheim Hills for fantastic fish tacos, El Farolito in Placentia (is that close enough?), Taps in Brea.

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              Yes, the Original Pancake House! On the corner of Lakeview and Yorba Linda Blvd. Yum.

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                At the Yorba Linda OPH: great pancakes, excellent egg dishes, good service, horrible coffee. For some reason, the coffee at all the OC OPH branches tastes like they boiled the wrong piece of cardboard. I'm waiting eagerly for the new location on Chapman in Orange (supposedly opening sometime early next year). When I complained to OPH central about their coffee in OC, they assured me that the new location will have the real thing. Bad coffee is unforgivable anywhere at this high-quality nationwide chain, because the food is so good, and the coffee is good-to-excellent at the great majority of their locations.

              2. For a quick lunch, stop by Veda's in Brea. Its in a commercial area on the northwest corner of Pine/Lambert. You have to drive into the commerical area parking lot. (Diagonal from In-N-Out) They have really good sandwiches which they spread their special sauce on called "goo". I reccomend you order the Veda's Club. It's filled with deli sliced turkey, lettuce, avocado and bacon. They don't skimp on the bacon or turkey either. I used to work out in Brea and would get a Veda's sandwich at least 3 times a week.
                Open M-F 7am-4pm
                Sat til 4pm

                1. Alicia's Cookery in Brea (590 W. Central). This is a little cute place that has GREAT sandwiches. I especially love their Sat. special sandwich (pork loin)...melts in your mouth. They have really good food, and the cookies are soooo good. They are not open for dinner, but they do have daily dinners to go that you can pick up in oven/microwave-ready containers. We ordered from them for Thanksgiving dinner and the portions are huge! Definitely give it a try.

                  1. Have you (or anyone else) tried Palomar, the "California cuisine" restaurant in the EastLake Village Center plaza? (Yorba Linda and Village Center, shopping center with Vons, Longs Drugs, Steinmart, etc) That location always seems empty and changes hands so often. I've been there once for lunch (1 other table occupied) and found it to be decent. I wonder why restaurants can't survive there... anyone been?

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                      We tried Palomar over the weekend. It's got a nice selection of choices on the menu. Californian Cuisine is a good description - perhaps with an Italian slant - lots of Basil, Tomato, olive oil etc. Large selection of pasta dishes - as well as meats and fish. The food was good, service just a bit slow - even with a half empty dining room. But the staff was nice and friendly. It was great not to have to wait for a table. It felt like Yorba Linda's little secret - and the food was delightful (our banana caramel cheesecake dessert was really great!). Over all, we decided we would certainly come back again.

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                        Thanks for the update! Always wondered about that place and wanted to try....What do you think of Wild Artichoke and Yves Bistro?

                    2. Longtime YL gal here... you think this is bad, just imagine 20 years ago. I shudder at the memory. Though we still call YL Snore-ba Linda.

                      You've gotten some nice reccos. I'll add a few of my faves:
                      Wild Artichoke on YL Blvd (east) at Yorba Ranch Rd. Great, modern bistro fare by a gracious chef-owner James d' Aquila.

                      Awesome Italian at La Bettola (translates to hole in the wall, and it is). Chef-owner Gaetano can be a grouch, but his staff is great. Food as good as any in this half of the county. YL Blvd. @ Lakeview (not far from the Original Pancake House (yum).

                      Also in that zone, Blue Agave. SW specialties with plenty of tequilas aboard. Good, but rarely great.

                      Great sushi at Yoshi's. YL Blvd @ Imperial behind Chili's. Sandwich joint nearby is very good (Stefano's).

                      Cafe Europe is a funny little joint that serves classic Continental dishes at low prices. Warning, no bar there despite the old school menu.

                      Foscari's is ok-- La Bettola rocks. And for less. So, I rarely go there. Maybe they've improved.

                      Fitness Pizza Grill (weird name, good food) is a pleasant enough gourmet pizza-pasta-salads spot that 's not the same ordinary stuff.

                      Rembrandt's on YL Blvd. @ Rose (technically Placentia) is a classic retro steakhouse. No windows, stiff drinks, friendly staff. Incredible wine selection-- but you have to consult Bernie since most of the inventory is NOT on the list, but in his head. He's a sweetie.

                      As long as you're in Placentia, go downtown and pig out on the best and cheapest carnitas tacos at the bare bones Q-Torta. Food that savory can withsand no ambience. As you heard, nearby El Farolito is top-notch for the border fare that we natives locals grew up on. Prepare to wait-- or go at odd hours.

                      Good luck. Be brave.

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                        Wild Artichoke would be great if the space wasn't so darn small. Book a reservation i you decide to go. Fortunately I have before.

                        I like Fitness Pizza too.

                      2. Blue Agave is pretty good if you like Southwestern food, although the quality has dropped a little in the last couple of years. On Yorba Linda Blvd. near Imperial Hwy. Also, Yves Bistro is also good, although technically in Anaheim Hills. On Imperial Hwy and Santa Ana Cyn near LA Fitness.

                        1. I don't remember the exact location, but there is a teppanyaki (like Beninhana's) place similar to Hibach called Bari Bari that is excellent, and a better value. I think it's still in Yorba Linda. It was near a Chick's sporting goods outlet in a fairly big shopping center.

                          Lunch runs about $8-11, you sit around the giant griddle and they cook in front of you.

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                            I moved from Placentia a few years ago, but Bari Bari was a favorite of mine. Owners are good people. On Yorba Linda Blvd where kingkong5 says, there's a new Trader Joes next to it also.

                            Maguroya, also on Yorba Linda Blvd in the Mimi's corner by Imperial, has the best sushi in the area, and probably my favorite Japanese restaurant in North OC, at least.

                          2. Rosines like alot of people noted, great greek.
                            Bari Bari (Sushi and tempanyaki)
                            Amazing Kabob (Hole in the wall around the corner in Orange)
                            Royal Thai Orchid (Best in OC 1315 B, North Tustin Ave, Orange)
                            Great Pho place on Imperial/La Palma (Same center as In-N-Out)
                            Toms on Lakeview/La Palma (whole in the wall burger and breakfast joint)
                            Wahoos in Savi Ranch

                            1. We moved from Fullerton to Yorba Linda so we know what you mean about lack of good food around here. I am new to chowhound, but hopefully can help you discover our tried and true favorites...Pho Hoang on Yorba Linda Blvd. and Rose serves very reliable pho, charbroiled pork rice, and vietnamese spring rolls. As for Japanese, we've tried Fish in a Bottle - more fusion style with good appetizers like soft shell crab, and chilean sea bass for main entree. Mediocre service but pleasant decor. Yoshi's on Yorba Linda and Imperial Blvd. is Chinese owned, fast, and serves fresh sushi. We go there when we are pressed for time. Another sushi place next to Fitness Pizza in Yorba Linda (forget the name) serves a great salmon skin salad and more Japanese style sushi. When we can drive a bit further, we go to Yoshino in Tustin to find "TenGanSan", our favorite sushi chef. A nazi lady owner, reminiscent of Nozawa, is an expert fish buyer. We have been going for years and have not been disappointed in the quality and variety of fish. Old favorites along with seasonal treats like scallops in shell, those tiny and tasty oysters (Japanese name), spanish mackerel, and other goodies. Have not tried Sushi Shibucho or Wasabi down the street. But will soon, to compare. Hard to beat Yoshino's quality for the price!

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                                On the subject of sushi, I'd stongly recommend Oishi in Placentia at 1045 E. Imperial, near Rose. Order the salmon sake and behold the longest and thickest slices of salmon you've ever seen. And it's not overpriced!

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                                  Oishi's sushi is fresh, but the cut is too coarse by Japanese standards. Their prices are high, so they try to justify it with huge slices. Maguroya in Yorba Linda is more authentic but still pricey. Yoshino in Tustin has authentic, quality sushi for less money. Sit at sushi bar, though...much better service.

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                                    anybody try sakai or ginza on la palma? if you did, what did you think? never tried but was alway curious.

                              2. As previously mentioned, Rosine's is great. Also hit up Yves'. He and his wife Jody do a great job.

                                There was a recommendation for pho at Imperial and La Palma... Frankly, I'd drive past that place. My office is a couple of doors down and I've tried many times, without luck, to enjoy that place.

                                Another ditto on Fitness Pizza.

                                The Indian restaurant across from Yves' is good (not great) and passes in a pinch as does Adami for sushi (same center). I think they also opened a Z Pizza there as well.

                                There is a Mexican hole in the wall in the shopping center at La Palma and Imperial, next to the Albertson's that I'm toying with. The food seems reliable and they have some unique things on menu. After I hit it a few more times I'll be able to give it a yeah or nay.

                                1. When I would go visit my brother in Yorba Linda I loved getting some tacos at Pepe's and then having dinner at Paolino's (I think that's how you spell it) on Yorba Linda Blvd and Kramer? It's in the same shopping center as Marie Calendar. They had this awesome chicken parm dish and an excellent pink sauce that comes with their pasta side.

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                                  1. We found quality Mexican at Bobby D's on Valley View Blvd. near Henry's Market. Not as good as El Farolito's but much closer and more pleasant environment. Worth a try!

                                    1. Oh, as pointed out by healthyscratch, the sushi place with the good salmon skin salad next to fitness pizza is called Maguroya. Sushi is decent but service a tad slow.

                                      1. any good vietnamese restaurants in north oc? good banh mi in particular? need help, gas too expensive.

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                                          There's a Vietnamese/Chinese bistro on the SW corner of Imperial Hwy/La Palma Ave. I was there for lunch today and order pho & fried spring (?) rolls. The spring rolls were good, but I found the pho broth to be just okay and the noodles not quite al dente. The atmosphere was nice, they had a lot of other items on the menu and after tax & tip each of us only paid $9. Not bad, but so was the food.

                                          Good banh mi? I think there was another thread on that, but there's Lee's Sandwiches on the NE corner of Harbor Blvd/Orangethorpe in Fullerton. In the same shopping plaza, closer to Lemon St (on the AMC Theater side), there's a pho chain which I prefer to the one mentioned above. The atmosphere of the pho restaurant on Lemon is a bit more pedestrian, but I find the broth to have a bit more flavour & depth. However, you'll want to take my opinion w/a grain o' salt; I'm still an abecedarian when it comes to pho.

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                                            OCAnn, thanks so much. will try the place on la palma. thanks for the info on lee's. i wasn't sure exactly where it was.

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                                              I went to Pho 88 (the one on Lemon/Orangethorpe) for lunch today, b/c I wasn't really satisfied w/yesterday's pho from LaPalma/Imperial Hwy.

                                              I think the biggest difference is the broth. The broth @ Pho 88 had more substance of the beef flavour and it was oily enough w/o being too oily. And since the noodles came in a clump, I'm guessing that the noodles are pre-cooked, clumped into an appropriate portion size and then set in the bowl just prior to serving. Yeah, it's a bit of work to get the noodles to loosen up, but I like their noodles too. Good flavour and perfect firmness.

                                              Anyway, let me know what you think of the bistro on La Palma.

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                                            I defer to elmomonster's recommendation...Kim Loan in Fullerton. Check out his website if you haven't already- elmomonster.blogspot.com. In Placentia/Yorba Linda, Pho Hoang on Yorba Linda Blvd. and Rose is your best bet.

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                                              Palomar isn't bad. Cafe Europe is similar. If you want an awesome steak, check out the Canyon Steakhouse. It's on Yorba Linda at Yorba Ranch. The food and prices are excellent.

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                                                I'll recommend Pho Hoang as well.

                                                Tony's Pizza on the southeast corner of Bastanchury and Placetia is one of my local faves. I love their pan pizza.


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                                                I have been wondering about Palomar too...Anyone has any idea on that place?

                                              3. Came across many replies to your query re: places to eat in YL - several replies down this list mentions Yoshi sushi which we tried when we moved here five years ago and found it to be mediocre at best. We were used to Koi sushi in Seal Beach and it took us several months of hit and miss sushi until we found Maguroya in the Polly's Pie's shopping center. Kaz (sushi chef and owner) saved our lives (in a manner of speaking) and all other sushi restaurants pale in comparison to his attention to detail and quality of sushi. We eat there at least once or twice a month and we have always had excellent food and service.

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                                                  Thanks for the rec, will give Maguroya another try. Love their Salmon skin salad but did not find them to be consistent on sushi quality. Have to tried Sushi Koyo in Diamond Bar? Heard good things about it and would like to try Koi and Koyo soon.

                                                2. In a word, No.

                                                  I grew up in the YBL, and it was a culinary wasteland back then. Run for the border (cross into Placentia, Fullerton, or Brea) for better fare.

                                                  But admittedly, it's been 3 years since I last dined out in the YBL.

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                                                    Y.L. has a Knowlwood, though, which I really like. I usually go to the one in the Fullerton train station, though, as it's closer to me -- I don't get out to Y.L. very often, because I have this hatred for the 91 freeway.

                                                  2. I'm really sad to see so many people dissing restaurants in YL. We have lots! Try Ranch Enchilada for some good mexican food without driving to El Farolito. Nothing competes with El Far, but the Ranch is a nice compromise at a great price. And their agave margaritas are wonderful. Burgers - nothing better than Islands up by the Festival off Santa Ana Cyn. Knowlwoods lost it's charm when it got redone... and Islands let the kids sit at the bar - it's the best place to sit. Italian - Foscari's has the most incredible service and the food is all homemade and freshly prepared. It's pricey, but worth it. Ask Jason to make you an espresso martini! Bari Bari was already mentioned for Japanese, but how about Wings for Chinese? They have been making the most amazing food for years! The Steer Inn makes a great affordable steak and has wonderfully friendly service. For some California Cuisine, try Alvarado's off Santa Ana Canyon. They just moved to a larger location but haven't lost their small place appeal and niceties. The menu has so much to choose from, the wine list is wonderful and they do wine tastings. The owners are on premises and making sure you are well taken care of. Friscos used to be the sandwich capital of YL. I got one recently and wasn't disappionted. They've got new owners and expanded the place and include hot selections like pizza but I haven't tried that. You can't go wrong with the "All American", and nobody uses chunks of roasted turkey in their turkey sandwiches anymore.

                                                    1. The sushi place on Fairmont is Yosuke and has just finished with a remodel. Nice interior and the sushi is really good and fresh. There's also a sushi place in the shopping center off Santa Ana Canyon near the Petco, Sushi to Sake Dokoro that is also very good. I like the Thai restaurant in the Albertson's shopping center off Yorba Linda Blvd and La Palma, Supatra's Thai Bistro, they also have live music on the weekend I believe.

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                                                        I had to do a double-take to make sure I wasn't replying to myself. =B

                                                        I was recently @ Yosuke. I usually love their counter service (www.chowhound.com/topics/419304), but went with a table this last time. I ordered their Chilean Seabass, which came broiled & topped w/mushrooms sauted in butter, sake & ajipon. It was verrrrrry good. So good, I replicated it at home soon thereafter.

                                                        Also a while back, I went to the teppanyaki place nearby. I LOVED their fried rice more than the teppanyaki...and was impressed by the haole-cook who spoke fluent Japanese....

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                                                          Wow. I think only place worth while in the area is Rosine,s and after that all the rest are horrible. I visit my brother who lives in YL and we have tried almost all the restaurants without finding any decent ones. I live in Santa Monica and my brother used to live in SF so it just doesn't compare.

                                                      2. My family lives in Yorba Linda and I visit them often. I always have a hard time finding good food, but feel I can always rely on Rutabegorz in Fullerton. Great food, and the snickerdoodles are wonderful too! For the next month I will be around this area a lot and I will do what I can to contribute more to this thread, it doesn't look like there was much entered here and I'm deteremined to find the good food.

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                                                          Has anyone tried the Palomar in Yorba Linda? I was both surprised and pleased with a recent sirloin dinner there. It was my first time back since it was the La dilomate

                                                        2. Since renaming this place from Le Diplomat to Palomar and changing owners, the food and service have gone down hill, and the prices have gone up. If you want $25 Hamburger Helper, eat here. If not, don't bother wasting your time.