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Apr 11, 2007 12:57 PM

Chinese Take-out/Delivery in King of Prussia

Sadly, I'm leaving the Ardmore area, where I have often binged at Sangkee and Chung Sing (the Chinese Dinner) about twice a week.

Does anyone know of any good Chinese take-out and/or delivery places around the KOP area? Anyone been to Wild Rice on Rte. 202?

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  1. We tried Wild quality is average with a small menu...too large of a selection of alcohol....believe me, we're STILL looking for that really good Chinese restaurant ourselves, we're beginning to run out of options.

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      I posted this a while back...
      Blue Dolphin is wonderful! It's next to Ruths Chris (not the place in the mall)The menu is nicer to dine in, however I think it is standard for take out- I've only dined in. Has been very fresh everytime there.

    2. I have to agree that Wild Rice is average. If you're looking for just regular takeout (typical Chinese takeout restaurant fare) we've had good luck with China House on Beidler Rd. They have lunch specials that are a good amount of food, and so far I've enjoyed everything I've ordered there. The ony downside to ordering takeout is that they don't take credit cards, so I have to remember to bring cash if the office is ordering in.

      1. I found a place in Bridgeport that delivers. #1 China Star. The food is very fresh, tasty, well priced and no MSG. Their Singapore Chow Mei Fun is to die for (as is their Buddhist Delight, Moo Goo Gai Pan, Chow Mein, boneless spare ribs, etc...)! The only thing that I can "complain" about is that they don't do Moo Shu. I like them better than ever other Chinese place in KoP.

        1. my favorite chinese option in this area is a couple exits south in the gateway shopping center - new lee garden. sadly, they don't do delivery (at least, not at lunch). they do a lunch buffet and take-out. i really love the szechuan tofu dish and the sweet and sour shrimp. they are very accommodating and friendly and they do take special requests.

          i used to live in conshy, and there was a great place on fayette street a couple blocks up, next to the ice cream place; i think its name was china king II. man, i must have put them out of business when i moved. :) kidding; i am sure they are still in business... but i did order from them at least twice a week. reliable delivery service. great tofu dishes and the egg rolls were leagues beyond your standard egg roll. mmm.