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Apr 11, 2007 12:53 PM

Marina del Rey area Brunch

My family (of 13!) will be having Sunday brunch next month and many will head from there to LAX, so we're looking to be around that area. Cafe del Rey? One Pico at Shutters? Thanks you all!

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  1. Tony P's has a popular brunch.

    Not sure if popular means it's great.

    I like it.

    You can sit outside and look at boats.

    It's pretty close the the airport.

    For 13 people, make a reservation.

    1. brunch at cafe del rey is pretty good, and if you're lucky you can get a table with a view, but i like the food at joe's on abbot kinney in venice better. with enough advance notice they should be able to accomodate a group of 13.

      1. i love the brunch at joe's. you can request a patio seat.
        never been to cafe del rey but plan on brunching there sometime soon... the menu looks good...

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          i second the brunch at joe's (in venice) idea.... it's great and really reasonable for what it is.

          1. re: kra81

            Third Joe's. Axe is also good. If you could get either of their patios, I'd consider Rose Cafe or Lily's in Venice. Pricier, Jer-Ne at the Ritz-Carlton has a great brunch as well.

        2. 26 Beach Cafe will take parties of 13, just make sure to reserve ahead of time. I've seen parties that big seated in both the "patio" room and the inside room, though the former is always better.

          1. Lots of good ideas here. I've had successful large brunches at James' Beach. I second recommendations for brunch at Joe's and Cafe del Rey or 26 Beach (less formal), although I have not hosted large parties at either one.

            One Pico is beautiful, although food is not quite as good, and it's very expensive.

            I would steer you away from Axe, just because the seating is so uncomfortable, unless your family is REALLY into seasonal, organic food.