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Apr 11, 2007 12:44 PM

Duboce Park Cafe - Egg Sandwich

Been wanting to try this place ever since it opened recently. I recently noticed that they serve organic produce and Niman Ranch meats, so figured it would be right up my alley.

I was craving a breakfast sandwich the other day so I decided to finally check it. Ordered a the egg sandwich on a garlic bagel with cheddar and bacon. It was served open face with some scrambled eggs, cheddy and bacon on each half. Took my plate out front and enjoyed it's deliciousness while soaking in some warm rays of sunshine. And the sandwich was not very greasy like a lot of other breakfast sandwiches, which was a pleasant surprise.

Now I just gotta get back to try the Pastrami sammy.

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  1. Nice to know.

    I had pretty much written them off since since they're on the South side of the park and don't get much sun. And more importantly, its the same owners as Dolores Park Cafe which is mediocre at best.

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    1. re: larochelle

      I go there fairly frequently. If I get a sandwich, I tend to order the fresh mozz/basil/tomato drizzled with olive oil. They've been much better recently than they were at first (more generous than before), but I suspect it depends on whoever is making sandwiches at the time. It's a pretty nice little cafe for what it is, and it's great for those of us who hang out in Duboce Park to have a place so close to get coffee and a bite.

      1. re: Atomica

        I like that the "fresh fruit juices" are just that....they make them ...'by the glass" no previous squeezing...I'm REALLY glad it's in the 'hood, but I wouldn't make a special trip to go the (Chow)-Hound logo though!!!

      2. re: larochelle

        Calling Dolores Park Cafe "mediocre" would be a compliment. I went there today expecting nothing more than a decent meal. What I got was food that looked and tasted like it was cooked by someone who didn't give a crap. It was presented in the manner one presents something microwaved in the middle of the night before passing out, and it was plated in a sloppy, unappetizing manner. On top of that, in the short time I was there, I saw two different people get up from their tables and return their plates to the kitchen. Maybe the cooks were having a bad day, but that's no excuse. I will never go back to that place.

        1. re: larochelle

          I don't go there for the food -- I go for the location, a place to sit outside by the park (usually too busy), and the scene. I've had good Caesar salads there in the past, though. Dolores Park Cafe also has sentimental value as the site of my first date with my longtime SO...

        2. Here's the logo...I hope!

          1. When did this open? I've been getting tired of the lines at Cafe du Soleil when I want a light bite to eat and want to check it out.

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              1. re: Frosty Melon

                They're in the old Cooper's spot at Duboce & Sanchez. They opened in August, I think. I've been meaning to stop in, but haven't yet.

              2. They're got a delicious greek salad with a super-lemony dressing that I get almost every time.