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Apr 11, 2007 12:43 PM

Hell's Kitchen recs?

I'm planning to meet a friend for dinner tomorrow night, and he lives at 50th St. and 9th Avenues. Can anyone recommend a good place for some food (ethnic okay, spicy a plus) and beers?

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Check out El Centro for great Mexican food in a fun environment!

    1. If he lives on 50th and 9th, he's already probably been to Pam Thai on 49th...but if you really can't miss their oxtail soup and green curry rice, they're both out of this world delicious.

      1. For beer, go to Valhalla (SW corner of 54th and 9th), and for dinner to Hells Kitchen (47th and 9th), the best modern mexican in town imho.

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          The same guys who have Hell's Kitchen also have El Centro...have you been yet?

          1. re: LFeinberg

            Haven't been yet, been meaning to go since I live like two blocks away. Tried the empanadas?

            1. re: jsgjewels

              Check it out...they have GREAT chips and salsa and I love the enchiladas. I miss Hell's Kitchen...just moved away from the nabe in July, now in much more personality up there.