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Apr 11, 2007 12:37 PM

ISO of Vietnamese Hot & Sour Soup

I'm posting this for my co-worker. We were talking today about soups that are good when you have a cold, and he brought up his favorite soup which he no longer gets since the restaurant he used to eat at closed.

He used to eat at a restaurant that was on Clement between 25th and 26th, but it closed down a few years ago. This Vietnamese restaurant offered hot and sour (or maybe sweet and sour?) soup which he really liked, and he's hoping to find something similar elsewhere. The soup contained slices of pineapple, chunks of tomato, bean sprouts, crispy fried tofu chunks, mushrooms, green onion, etc.

So, does anyone remember what that restaurant was called? Also, are there other places to get a similar soup, preferably closer to the Mission/Tenderloin/Central part of the city?

Thanks a lot,

Dave MP

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  1. the name of that soup in vietnamese is called canh chua - literal translation, soup sour --so it's hot and sour soup. true vietnamese versions use fish (catfish) although i've seen it made with shrimp, or chicken and even tofu i guess for vegetarians. knowing the name might help you find it with a search.

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      Thanks a lot. Looks like Lotus Garden has a version, w/ catfish, chicken or shrimp.

      Any suggestions for good vegetarian versions (fish sauce would be OK, mainly looking for the tofu aspect)? I bet Lotus Garden would have no problem making this....

      Dave MP

      1. re: Dave MP

        Lotus Garden came to mind as soon as I read your post...their version is great, especially with the catfish or shrimp.

    2. The restaurant might have been Jasmine House at Clement and 24th. Jaweino and I were mourning its demise.

      I love sweet and sour soup too. I used to get it at Hung Yen on Harrison.

      The veggie version is better than the fish-broth kinds--the dominant flavors shouldn't be fishy. Sometimes it has bamboo pith in it too (I think). I have gotten this at both Yummy Yummy and Lotus Garden and it was decent. Best when tomatoes are in season.

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      1. re: Windy

        I'm not a veggie kinda person, and I prefer my canh chua with fish(cat fish/salmon) and shrimp, but if your soup is actually tasting fishy, then you just need better fish. I don't think I've tried it with Bamboo before, but it does sound like a nice touch.

        1. re: nicedragonboy

          I'm pretty sure I first had the veggie version of this soup, which may be why I find the catfish superfluous.

          Fish broths are hard to do right. I always give up in despair.

      2. I get this soup at sunflower (and crave it all the time). In the Mission -- 16th & Valencia.

        1. It's been a while since I've been there but I think Mai's on Clement at about 4th or 5th does a really good version of this soup.


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            i actually like the version better a block down or so at minh's garden (208 clement, between 2nd and 3rd). i had heard good things about the one at mai's but wasn't so crazy about it. i don't think the minh's version is stellar but quite tasty as are many of their dishes.