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Apr 11, 2007 12:37 PM

Who's Been To The Sultan's Tent / Cafe Maroc?

I'm taking a friend out to dinner for his birthday next week and he suggested we try The Sultan's Tent. Because of its location in the middle of the Front Street tourist strip, I'm a bit apprehensive about the quality of the food and general experience.

Anyone have any first hand experience with this place?

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  1. I found the food to be below average; underwhelming flavours, poorly cooked (on one plate something undercooked, yet something else overcooked) and a place with flavours not representative of the middle east.

    Service was abysmal and inconsistent; up to an hour between courses, and no communication about why things were so slow despite asking several times--I don't like to be rushed in my meals by any stretch, but this was an extreme.

    Personally, I will not venture back.

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      Sultan's Tent is just scary. I ate there once last year - we were too late to get into JK Wine Bar (2 hr wait) and we were starving. Couldn't think of anything else in the 'hood so off we went. I felt like I was eating at a resto in Epcot Centre at Disneyworld. Need I say more?

    2. I found Sultan's Tent to be a poor approximation of Moroccan Food, but of the two locations I would suggest Cafe Maroc as you can order EXACTLY what you want and not have to contend with the "prix fixe" menu with upgrades. It should be noted that the "prix fixe" at the Sultan's Tent (and I use quotations for a damn good reason) can reach up to $80 a person with upgrades and drinks, despite the initial $40 price tag.

      There are other Morrocan Restaurants in Toronto with better quality food...but I suppose you won't get the "ambience" of the Sultan's Tent...

      1. I ate at the Sultan's Tent in January, and it was very disappointing. The food and drink, with the exception of the maftoul and Moroccan tea, was poorly prepared: the meat was overcooked and the flavourings badly matched. The bellydancing sounded like a good idea in theory but made both me and my dinner guest uncomfortable in practice, at least in our case: the dancer (there was only one when we were there) kept coming right up to our table and if we looked at her, we felt like we were ogling her. I would not recommend this experience to anyone. You could do a lot better.

        1. Ok, this isn't exactly the same type of food, but my friend who is Morrocan actually loves this place (over Sultan's)... THE RED VIOLIN 95 Danforth Avenue - 416-465-0969
          It is Brazilian style food. He loves the atmosphere and the way the food is served.

          It's worth looking up online and seeing if it might interest you and your friend.

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            It looks like several threads about this place have been removed from the Chowhound archives. Suffice it to say, if you like heavily salted, garlicked and overcooked meats in abundance, buffets that look like they have sat out for hours and eating in a dance studio, you'll love this place!

          2. The food at Sultan's tent is bland and incredibly over priced.

            If you must go, be sure to have the tea, its' the only redeemable item on the menu.