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Apr 11, 2007 12:26 PM

what do you think about Levantes in dupont circle?

What do you guys think about levantes in dupont circle? I find it to be the best middle eastern fare along with cafe divan and lebanese taverna.But how do you think levantes ranks among these and other mediterranean restaurants.are there better options for somebody who loves this type of cuisine?

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  1. It's ok, but nothing to write home about. I don't find cafe divan or lebanese taverna to be that great either. Lebanese butcher is pretty good and for some reason the lebanese taverna market is significantly better than their restaurants (way more consistent).

    1. first time i went i really liked it. i had the chicken kabob entree with grilled veggies. the second time i had the chicken salad, which sucked.

      i am forever looking for great lebanese restaurants in the area. by defalut i sometimes go to skewers because it's close to the office. i'm always so disappointed with the place, but they have a pretty good eggplant salad app.

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        Yes, I agree their chicken skewers is definetly better than the chicken salad, but the bread, the bread is heaven.There is also Astor mediterreanean on Columbia Road in Adams Morgan which serves a great chicken kebab as well.I believe to have tried most mediterreanean places in the city, and levantes seems to rank as #1 on my list...but maybe you guys know some other spots to try outI was there last night and I groove on their small cold appetizer plate, it's got all their dips and salads: hommos babaghanouj, tabouleh, tzaziki, feta chesse, dolmates etc...all vegetarian too.I grew up with this kind of food in europe, I guess that is why I yearn for it constantly...
        Let me tell you what my favorite items on their menu are:
        -red lentil soup, spicy but not hot
        -dolmates(vegetarian, stuffed w/ rice, pine nuts, raisins)
        - that appt plate mentioned above w/ all the dips
        -spinach pie
        - lamb guvec: a lamb stew with veggies and rice
        - chicken skewers, i order hommos or babaghanouj with it on the side
        -the pides, which are their version of pizza, very thin and crispy crust

        yes that's about it :)By the way, after japanese this is probably very healthy cuisine. Oh I forgot to mention Zaytinya in chinatown.Now they have a very creative twist to their menu, mouthwatering.However, they are a little expensive for me to indulge in.
        I would love to see restaurants serving us lighter, healthier items that resemble a homecooked meal. I do understand though, that using fat like butter or frying of course makes everything taste better.
        Anyways, the bartender yesterday told me that levantes will be serving gyro soon :)
        I was going for that to the greek deli which is on 19th, unfortunately the greek deli is closed by 4 pm.

      2. I really like Levante's Sunday buffet brunch. It is really worth the money. I think it's $16.95 for all you can eat. For $2 more you get 3 glasses of champagne or 3 Mimosas. They make omelettes, waffles, and have some nice things on the buffet like smoked salmon, tabouleh, hummous, baba ganoush, soup, chicken, beef and more. It also includes coffee and juice I'm pretty sure. If you don't like buffets, you can order off the regular menu

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          For just a few bucks more you can get overall the same food (without the middle eastern tint to it, but more american food) at the Beacon and it's all you can drink bloody mary's, champagne, mimosas and screwdrivers from noon to 3. I think the total price now is $25.00. I can drink $25.00 of mimosas in one sitting.

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            Hey, where is the Beacon? Is it on 17th, just south of Mass. in a hotel? If so, I know where it is. Is it all you can eat or do you order off a menu and drink all you want?

            1. re: plot

              All you can eat buffet, drink all you want for champagne, mimosas, screwdrivers, bloody mary's. Sundays from noon to 3 I believe:

              1615 Rhode Island Ave. NW
              Washington, DC 20036

        2. We went about six months ago -- and I thought the food was mediocre and the service worse. (admittedly, I walked in disappointed having found that the always reliable Bacchus on Jefferson Street NW, our intended destination, had closed) Levantes' chicken was dry, the hummus way too cold and tasteless. The only thing I'd eat again would be their hot-from-the oven pitas.

          I'll take the metro out to the Bacchus in Bethesda first and give that a try.

          1. I think Levantes is just okay, although it is enjoyable to site outside for lunch on a nice day. I really like their Pides (sp?) at lunch time, especially the one with the Lebanese sausage.

            One of my favorite middle eastern restaurants in the area is the Pita House in Old Town (off Cameron street). Great schwarma with a really garlicy sauce. It's a cute place too and the service has always been good when I have been there. I have not seen it referred to on Chowhound.

            Enjoyed Bacchus, but not as much as Lebanese Taverna for the money.