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Apr 11, 2007 12:25 PM

Brown Rice

I don't like brown rice. It has the texture of little crunchy bugs and absolutely no taste. Unfortunately, I seem to have acquired quite a bit of it. We have a newborn baby, and very, very nice people have been bringing us food so that we don't have to cook. It's been great, but unfortunately, at least 3 of those meals have included a large container of (cooked) brown rice. What am I going to do with it all? My partner can eat only so much of it. I hate to waste food, but I just don't like the stuff very much, although maybe if it were made into something else it would be more palatable? Can you make congee out of it? Rice pudding? Compost?

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  1. If you make a rice pudding out of it, it'll soften it and give it some taste. I've never tried it but maybe fried rice would work since it'll be older rice.

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      i make fried rice all the time with brown rice...we love it!

    2. It can be a component in a soup, therefore making it softer. Another idea would be to freeze it & deal with it later. : )

      1. Drown it in gravy or sauce. We eat brown basmati rice as a change from jasmine or regular basmati when we have something with a lot of liquid - a braise, stew, curry etc.

        1. I just mixed some brown rice with ground turkey to make cabbage rolls. I also use it in soup.

          1. Do you have homeless people near your place. Seriously, I would give it to them to eat. I happen to like brown rice (despite your lovely description of the texture), but if you don't like it, rather than throw it out or force yourself to eat something you dislike, give it to people that can use it.

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              That was a great recommendation pescatarian!! :)