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Apr 11, 2007 12:13 PM

Newport Seafood

I was reading Jonathan Gold's review on 3/14 ("Alive with Pleasure") and I wonder has anyone tried both the New Port Seafood in San Gabriel and the one in Santa Ana (also known as Tan Cang Seafood). They seem to serve the same lobster dish but I've never been to the one in SG and I want to know if it is as good as the other one.

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  1. Newport Seafood in Santa Ana (at Newhope and First street) is a favorite of ours. Their house special lobster is fantastic. Lobster, flash fried and then mixed with butter, garlic, green onions, jalapenos, and black pepper, just delicious. Not bad for $8-$12/pound depending on the season.

    Also, they make a great hot/sour catfish soup as well as one of the better bo luc lac (diced filet mignon cooked with garlic) in the area. I've had a great geoduck salad there as well.

    The decor is nothing to write home about. Very basic vietnamese/chinese type restaurant. They even expanded into the space next doors, and if you get seated there - surprise! there's no windows, no paintings, no decorations, just a plain space to sit and grub on the lobster.

    It's easy to order too, you just tell them the approximate size you want (3 to 5 pounds) and they bring the live one to your table and declare its weight to you and if you agree, they take it in the back and start preparing it.

    Be sure to bring cash though, as they don't take credit cards.

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    1. re: kingkong5

      I've been to the one in Santa Ana and it's the place I'd go whenever I crave for lobster. I want to know if the one in San Gabriel is as good because that way I don't have to drive so far. I got to try their catfish soup next time I go there. Though I was really happy with the soup that came with the dish during lunch time. It is so flavorful.

      1. re: Owly

        a long time ago i went to the one in OC. i can't remember it all that well, but now i just go to the SGV one... same thing essentially, and the SGV one is indeed great. i still have leftovers of the lobster tidbits at home.. just throw em over rice and you're good to go.

    2. The one in San Gabirle gets raves for its house special lobster. It's actually Newport Seafood (I think), and it's located in the same plaza as Golden Deli.

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      1. re: WHills

        It's Newport Seafood Tan Cang Restaurant.

        1. re: WHills

          Is the one in Rowland Heights (Colima between Nogales and Fullerton) part of the same chain?

          1. re: notmartha

            I thought Newport Seafood Tan Cang Restaurant is the one in Santa Ana. I called that place and they said they are the original one and they have no branches (Actually there used to be one in Monterey Park at Atlantic and Garvey run by the owner's sister but I think they closed after a while).

            1. re: notmartha

              I've only been to Newport Seafood in Rowland Heights but the house lobster dish sounds pretty much like the description for the other branches.

              1. re: Porthos

                Newport Seafood is garbage. There's definately at least 2, one in the 626 and the one in Santa Ana. It's popular but you can do WAY BETTER. You want to go to Kim Su seafood restaurant, located @Ward and First/Bolsa. They used to have a location RIGHT NEXT to Newport Seafood but no longer.

                Granted, it's been a few years since I've been to Newport Seafood, but when they gave us the lobster it was definately NOT done correctly. Lobster should be plated so it looks like a lobster and you can identify all the parts, NOT just thrown onto a plate and given to you (as was the case from Newport Seafood)

                Good to wait until it's on sale as price fluctuates wildly, low of 8-9$/pound - $20/pound.

                1. re: ns1

                  "Newport Seafood, but when they gave us the lobster it was definately NOT done correctly. Lobster should be plated so it looks like a lobster and you can identify all the parts"

                  i think that's fairly subjective. chinese-style lobster is often served in a big scrambled heap, no matter wherever you go. i worry less about how it looks than how it tastes. newport lobster is distinctive because it's cooked in a blend of southeast asian spices, chinese but cambodian-influenced. if kim su does the same i'd be willing to give it a try.

                  1. re: rameniac

                    Most places I think at least put the head at one end and tail at another, but all the body parts of the lobsters are piled in the middle.

                    Haven't gone to Newport for many years, and I don't even remember ever ordering the lobster. Guess I'll have to try now.

                  2. re: ns1

                    All the forms of Chinese cooking I know will never server a "plated" lobster (I'm assuming that you mean the whole tail should be presented as one unit). The Chinese generally never have a knife at the table because the table is for eating, not butchering. If it is stir fried, there is no way you can keep the parts together in an organized manner.

                    It's not that difficult to identify the parts. It still looks like a lobster except it's a little bit mixed up. :-)

                    1. re: raytamsgv

                      I'm not saying that it's not cut up beforehand

                      When it's presented to you, there better be a tail at the rear, a head in front, and 2 claws to the side of the head in the general form of a lobster

                      When I personally went to newport seafood, that was not the case. And I've eaten ALOT of chinese lobster.

                      1. re: ns1

                        Stir-fried lobster is never plated.

                        1. re: ns1

                          presentation aside, does kim su's lobster have that southeast asian spicing? i actually don't like the usual cantonese/chinese versions of the dish, but newport's has that extra kick. that and the french-style beef are what make me go back.

                          1. re: rameniac

                            Yes, it's the traditional house special lobster fare.

                            French style beef, Cali restaurant. Mcfadden/Brookhurst, by the Alerto's (which has great carne asada burritos btw).

                            re: ipsedixit
                            funny, the 83475348573 Chinese restaurants I've been to with lobster do it the same way ;)

                            1. re: ns1

                              I agree with ipsedixit. I've never seen it plated at other chinese or vietnamese restaurants either. newport's lobster and sauce are just amazing. I could eat just that house sauce over rice!

                              1. re: olivexjina

                                OMG where do you guys eat lobster!?!

                                Kim Su as previously mentioned, seafood cove, seafood palace, seafood WORLD, 888 seafood, imperial seafood, etc etc etc, all plate the same way.

                                head, claws, tail, then everything else in the middle.

                                1. re: ns1

                                  I've eaten lobster in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and all over the US.. I've never ever EVER seen a stirfried lobster replated exactly to what your telling EXCEPT in upper class, $$$ restaurants in HK... if you paying out the butt for it.. then the presentation matters.. but those lobsters were not stir fried... i

                                  1. re: Lightsuprooms

                                    Alright, this is a pointless argument around plating a lobster and i'm over it. agree to disagree?

                                    back to the food, if you like newport seafood, fine, to each is own. it is in my opinion that there is better out there.

                                    happy eating ;)