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Apr 11, 2007 12:05 PM

Modesto, Asheville

I believe there was mixed reviews with Modesto before anybody has been there lately??

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  1. I actually get to Modesto pretty often. I think there have been mixed reviews because you get mixed results when you eat there. It's just a little uneven, but generally it's quite good. Hector Diaz, chef/owner, has been in the kitchen the last two times I was there...always an excellent sign.

    This Friday, my husband and I both had pasta, mine a fresh squid ink pasta pomodoro w/ mussels, clams, shrimp, and fish. I don't order shellfish just anywhere, and it was all good. Actually, the fish I didn't care for, but the shellfish was good as was the sauce (buttery Pomodoro , I fear) Good garlicky ceasar salad w/ raisins and pistachio. The fried calamari app was also very good. Oh, and we had some lamb ribs w/ an herb/caper thing drizzled on them. Fatty as hell, but deLIcious.

    Time before, I had the artichoke flower app. w/ some sort of ailoi, it was delicious. They used to have chicken liver crostini that was fabulous, but the menu changes frequently. Also bolognese has been good if you see that. I personally don't think the pizza is great. Not bad, not great...i save my pizza eating for Flat Rock/West First.

    They have nice wine glasses and a reasonable list. My red was served a little too warm on Saturday. Service is sometimes inexperienced, but always friendly.

    If you go, please report back and let us know what you had and how it was.

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      Danna, does Hector ever do any braising? (Lamb shanks, say.) It's a style of cooking that is sooooo good when prepared by the right chef/cook and sooooo horrid when not.

      1. re: Jeff C.

        right off, I can't say that I remember ever eating a braised dish from Hector...lamb shanks, short ribs, etc.

        I had Lamb shanks at SUnny point once, they were slightly scary. The lamb was tasty and cooked right, but it was muttony...a flavor that I seemed to find less and less enjoyable as I ate. Plus the sauce was verrrrryy greasy. That meal made me decide to stick w/ breakfast-y type stuff at Sunny Point (which I normally love).

        1. re: danna

          Lamb esp. can get stringy if cooked too long...and is inedible if undercooked. I've had some wonderful specials items at Sunny Point, but have never seen lamb of any sort offered. I'm always hestitant about ordering out as it is so tricky to get just right. Figured Hector could pull it off if anyone (locally) can.

    2. everyone might be interested that Modesto has had a new chef and manager for the past couple of months. Everything has come together look and act like a real restaurant. They had a lamb shank (braised) on the last menu. It was fork tender and delicious and finish with it's own jus and a fresh gremulade.
      Chorizo now has a new night chef. The food, you will find, is different from that of Salsa's. It is now cooked ala minute instead of pre-cooked and dipped and assembled to order.

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