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Apr 11, 2007 11:56 AM

Wat Thai Temple

Does anyone know where i can go for food at thai temple on the weekends?
they have it in san francisco. and i really want to find it in LA too.

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  1. Here is link to a very good review with pic's on this subject. Hope you will post if and when you do go.

    1. Wat Thai Los Angeles
      8225 Cold Water Canyon Ave.
      North Hollywood California 91605
      Phone 818 785 9552

      The food court is open from 9am to 5pm on weekends. I'd recommend going there before 11:30 as it tends to get really crowed after that. They have some of the most unusual and amazing Thai dishes. The coconut ice-cream is a must-try.

      1. Due to Songkran, Thai New Year, the temple will be totally crazy this weekend.

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          ...but, conversely, there are more vendors than normal at Songkran. You can still park in the neighbourhood behind.

          Get the kanom krok.

        2. Easy to get to. Corner of Coldwater and Roscoe as the post notes. And, yes try to get there early. Behind the temple along the residential streets is where you'll probably have to park. Exhance money with coins. red/yellow and green. Food is great. Have fun :)KQ P.S. Temple is open too if you wish to pray with monks.

          1. You HAVE to go here. Food is cheap and excellent. Make sure you get some sticky rice....the best you'll ever have.