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St. Louis Candy Store

Looking for the name of a candy store in St. Louis. (I know--big town!)
Don't know if they even exist anymore. Years ago (back in the '60's) my Dad used to travel to St. Louis and bring candy back this heavenly candy. It was like chocolate covered honeycomb--kind of in small bricks or chuncks. I can't remember the name of the candy or the store. Would love to know if anyone knows what I'm talking about. And if they're still around. Would love to try to order some and relive the old days!!

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  1. Bissinger's maybe? I guess Crown Candy Kitchen has been there that long also.

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      No that's not it. I'll know it instantly when I hear it. (It was a long long time ago!)
      But thanks anyway.

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        There are Mavrakos Candies, Merbs Candies, and Crown Candies Kitchens. Enjoy!

        Listing Information
        URL: www.mavrakos.com
        e-mail: customersupport@mavrakos.com
        Phone: 314-832-2639
        Fax: 314-832-2299

        Crown Candy Kitchen
        1401 Saint Louis Ave
        Saint Louis, MO 63106

        Merbs Candies
        4000 South Grand
        Saint Louis, MO
        (314) 832-7117

      2. I think what you are talking about may bechocolate covered molassas puffs...many places have them. I believe you can buy the Merbs brand at Dierbergs. Good luck.

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          I do believe it's molasses puffs from Merb's Candies. The 1960s location you mention is still open at 4000 S. Grand in the city.

          Sorry, no website.

          You can see a picture of them at Bissinger's, which may jog your memory.

          Crown Candy has been around since 1913, Bissinger's since 1927, and Merb's, I don't know, but a long time.

        2. I think it was Fanny May( I could be wrong on the name) that carried what you arer describing. I use to get them down at the Galleria in Clayton (before it was the Galleria). We called them molasses chips. The were little rectangles of honeycomb dipped in chocolate. The closest match I have found is at http://www.vermontcountrystore.com/sh... Look in that site and see if thats what you are thinking of.

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            We used to get honeycomb at a place called (I think!) Mavrocco's. The one I remember was close to downtown. That was a long, long time ago. I'm sure the spelling is not correct. They had good candy!

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              It's Mavrakos, and they closed many years ago as best I recall.

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                That's it! We would get Easter candy from there when I was a little kid, in the '50s and 60s. I don't remember them being around after the '70s. Thanks for the correct spelling, I couldn't remember the spelling at all. They had some decent honeycomb. They may have called them molasses puffs.

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                  YES! That was it. Mavrakos! I knew I'd remember it when I saw it. Too bad they no longer exist.
                  Thanks everyone for the help.

            2. It was Mavrakos that sold them they had a store in Jefferson city where I live...I used to get the Molasses puffs with the dark chocolate every year for my birthday...Mavarakos did make most their own candy but they didn't make the molasses puffs..I bought a box about 4 years ago at casino in Las Vegas..when your looking online look for spun molasses or honeycomb....I've found several other brands but never as good...I am going to try some of the suggestions listed in the replies

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                Yes they did make the Molasses puffs at the Mavrakos factory in St Louis, after they closed in the late 1970's they sold some of the recipes to Chocolate Clocolate Candy store, they still make them today there.


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                  Mavrako's did make their own molasses puffs. My grandmother, when working in St. Louis during the 19-teen's and early 1920's, patronized the story downtown and became rather good friends of a few of the folks. She was given their recipe (lost in a flood, unfortunately) and would never make it for she wanted to be loyal to the Mavrakos family.

                2. i have had a box of the Molasses Puff from Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company in St. Louis. It is exactly like the same old Mavrakos candy, they have it in milk and dark chocolate

                  1. We buy them every Christmas at Kipp's on Bayless Ave. You can also get them at Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate. There are several locations in St. Louis and on-line.

                    1. I don't know if more than one store sold Molasses Puff candy, but I know one that did for sure! Mavrako's Candy on Grand. My grandmother (Elsie Koerber) managed the store from approx 1964-1975. One of my favorite childhood memories were the huge slabs of molasses puff candy that she would give us at Christmas and Easter. It was just called Molasses Puff as far as I know, and it had the crunchy molasses sponge center and was covered in milk chocolate.
                      Mavrako's had several locations, including one at Northland Shopping Center. It was family owned and according to my Grandmother, Mr. Mavrako was a dear man and very good to his employees. The stores eventually were bought by See's Candy after Mr. Mavrako passed.
                      Thanks for the sweet memory!

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                        Both Bissinger's and Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate in STL have/make Molasses Puff Candy. Both are yummy and delicious! Don't know whether they use the old Mavrakos recipe, but whatever it is, it's umm-umm-good!

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                          Mavrakos Candy used to come in carved wooden boxes, and I still have one that my father had for many years. It should be a collector's item by now. Although I haven't lived in STL for many, many years, I still miss Mavrakos candy.

                        2. Was it Mavrakos Candy Company? They had the best candy in town.

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                            I just found out Mavrakos is back in St. Louis! My neighbor just bought me a box of Heavenly Hash (they changed the name to marshmallow pecan bar) YUM! It brought me back many years. All the Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company stores carry it

                          2. My grandmother, Elsie Koerber, also managed the Mavrakos Candy Store on Grand Avenue in STL. The candy is called Mollasas Puffs (as readers advised) and the recipe was sold to Fannie Mae. This is seven years overdue. Perhaps ee are related.

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                              perhaps? how many Elsie Koerber's might there have been managing at Mavrakos?

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                                I can't believe I've never seen this thread before. Merb's on South Grand still carries the Molasses Puffs. Let me tell you a short, sad story. Husband receives large box of molasses puffs for Valentine's Day. (Backstory: Wife waits in line at Merb's for 40 minutes to buy delicious candy confection). Husband hides box of candy atop very tall bookcase behind speaker so children cannot partake of aforementioned treats. Wife gets around to cleaning top of bookcase six long, hot months later(it's really tall, I have to get the ladder...) Molasses puffs retain their shape when mummified, but crumble into odd little flakes at the first touch. I thought he was going to cry.

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                                  Oh, that is sad...

                                  We threw an 80th BD party for mom a year ago about this time. Our centerpieces were bowls with the Mavrakos molasses puffs. Big hit!

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                                    oh I can top that... but mine is pointless in a Beckett or Sartre kinda way. (it's better if I don't tell stories)