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Apr 11, 2007 10:29 AM

What are you doing for Emancipation Day, April 16? [Split from Persian New Year thread]

"Cool couple of weeks … Chinese New Year just passed, St Patrick’s Day next (3/17). Follow that on 3/19 with St. Joseph’s Day and zeppole. Norooz on 3/20. Easter is just a little a way (4/9)… and when is Passover this year? Am I missing anything? Living in the Bay Area is great … so ecumenical."

What are you doing for Emancipation Day, April 16?

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  1. Thanks ... you reminded me that I wanted to look into the food for Thai New Year this weekend ... I took a quick look last night, but besides the Fremont thing, a few restaurants seem to be doing something.

    Have you ever been to that Persian restaurant in San Rafael?

    Emancipation day ... free-food? Fat-free, sugar-free ... well, actually, isn't that the day before Ben and Jerry's gives out their annual free ice cream cone?

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    1. re: rworange

      "Emancipation day ... free-food? Fat-free, sugar-free ... well, actually, isn't that the day before Ben and Jerry's gives out their annual free ice cream cone?"

      Free from dieting! I'd been thinking about one of Oakland's southern restaurants (e.g., Nellie's, Declancy's), but they're closed on Mondays.

      No, haven't hit the Persians in San Rafael yet . . . hard to get on the calendar of SR chowies.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Diet-free ... like that ... good idea about Southern Restaurants. Maybe I'll try to make it over to Wings and Things near me and finally try that place.

        1. re: rworange

          RL bumped this Angeline's Kitchen thread,
 . It's open on Monday for dinner but not lunch.

          Any ideas for Caribbean for Monday lunch?

      2. Passover started last week -- last night was the last night, so you missed it!

        1. I think a lot of people will be ordering pizza or other delivery food as they hunker down over their income tax forms, and muttering "emancipation, my patootie..."

          1. Just a note that in San Francisco, J's Pots of Soul is closed on Mondays, but Powell's Place is open.

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            1. re: Melanie Wong

              What about that place up near the place where you go for Jury Duty in SF. Up near the other Cafe Roma. We had a few great reports and no one picked up on it.

              1. re: rworange

                Ok, I stopped being lazy and looked it up

                Mama Lucy's Soulful Comfort Cuisine

                1 Gilbert Street
                (between Brannan St & Bryant St)
                San Francisco, CA 94103
                (415) 861-1842


                It seems the catfish is the best no-disappointment bet. Supposedly good icec tea. There are daily specials wih Thursdays bing BBQ days and Fridays are seafood days.

                1. re: rworange

                  Thanks, I ended up at Powell's Place, my first time here since the move. Man, that's a large space with a to-go counter and a private area that can be sectioned off. It's quite attractive, neat as a pin, and nice tunes on the juke box. Duke was on the airwaves during my lunch. Just before noon I was the third customer in the place. The other table in the room was chowing down on heaping breakfast platters with grits, eggs, and more. Maybe that's the better bet here.

                  New on the menu is chicken 'n' waffles for $8.95, which I decided to try.
                  I ordered a sweet tea too.

                  I'm still not a fan of the fried chicken here. Both pieces of thigh (my request) were dry and nearly unseasoned. These were barely warm to the touch, presumably fried before the lunch rush and held under a heat lamp. I added salt and pepper in addition to a shot of Crystal hot sauce but still couldn't save it. The waffle was freshly made with a nice golden exterior, but it was heavy and tough. Oh well.

                  Here's a link to the online menu, prices seem up to date.

                  Walking around the neighborhood afterwards, I noticed a newish Louisiana Fried Chicken franchise in the Happy Donuts shop. Prices for thighs, drumsticks and wings were $1.79 vs. $1.85 and $1.75, respectively at Powell's. If the quality's equal, go to Powell's for table service in comfort for the same price. There's a Popeye's nearby too.