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Apr 11, 2007 11:37 AM

South Bay: Private Party, 100 people??

I am planning a private party for 100 people - it is our company's 10 year anniversary.

We want something fun & festive, with music and dancing, hopefully we can get some outdoor action. Our CEO likes good food and ambiance. For a point of reference, we have our annual holiday party at the Sky Room in Long Beach.

I'd really appreciate some suggestions!

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  1. Palos Verdes Country Club? It's public, and there's a nice outdoor area.

    1. Well, Verandas and La Venta are two venues run by New York Catering Company. They get great reviews on service and okay reviews on food on this and other boards.

      I'm considering Verandas for my wedding (for 100 as well) and going for a tasting soon, so if you have time I'll be happy to report back after that happens.

      You can Google the New York Food Company website for gorgeous photos of both locations.

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        I went to my tasting today, and while some things were quite delicious the overall sense I got is that NYFC is a corporate caterer. That it, plenty of quantity but not too much quality.

        Hors d' Oeuvres ranged from mediocre to great, so you just have to choose carefully.

        Salads were all actually delicious, on par with mid-upper range restaurants. Fresh, crisp, well-paired vegetables and zesty dressings and accoutrements.

        Entrees were overly salty. The beef was moist and would have been delicious without the salty sauce it was swimming in, the swordfish stiff as a board.

        I think it's a menu that's big enough that any one party will be able to pick and choose and find the dishes it wants to eat, but you might not have the time or want to spend the effort to do that for a corporate event?

        photos of their food:

      2. I'm not sure what your budget is (and have never been to Sky Room, sorry!) but there is also Trump Golf Club in PV....if you want the view! I have to admit, prices have gone up since it changed from Ocean Trails to Trump and there is a lot more gold here and there...however, guests seem to enjoy both the food and view.

        I wish there were more places to recommend in the South Bay --- when I worked in Torrance, we always had a hard time trying to come up with places that would accomodate a large group...

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          Le Venta is wonderful if event is during the day. The view is priceless. You may wish to consider local hotels:

          Hotel Belamar-MB

          In Redondo, there is a hotel on the water-sorry forgot the name that i considered for my wedding. When i remember I will post it.

        2. Depending on the time of the year, The Lakes at El Segundo is a great spot and you can have it outdoors/indoors. ( The Lakes is an executive golf course (9 holes), and has a private room and also large patio that is next to a large pond. It is right off the 9th green. Had my wife's birthday party there and was great. Too, there is no problem having a band outdoors as it is across from Chevron Refinery and next to Raytheon El Segundo.