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Upcoming Food Network Awards

I'd love to know your thoughts. Will anyone be watching?

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  1. I'll probably watch, just out of curiosity, although it really sounds bizarre! How can they have an awards show when there really aren't that many of them? I envision it being like a high school yearbook- you know, "Cutest Host", "Most likely to open another restaurant in the next year", "Most likeable", etc.!

    1. How will they arrange it so that Emeril can give an award to Emeril? I guess just greenscreen him.

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        Yeah, I'll probably watch, too. BTW, I think that "cake award" looks big, awkward and stupid.

      2. It seems very self-congratulatory to me.


        1. I have to give FN credit. Just when you think they couldn’t get any more inane they manage to surpass themselves. The red carpet is full of corporate mascots, Charlie the Tuna Toucan Sam, and The California Raisins. The awards are for things like best drink, food delivery and comfort food. Not to mention the same tired faces that are broadcast several times each and every day.

          1. i'll probably watch. the burger joint (burgermeister's) in my neighborhood is nominated. gotta root for the home team.

            1. It sounds so bizarre! And none of the commericials really explain anything. I am curious to watch it just so I can see what they could possibly do with it.

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                I agree and I was thinking the same thing. I'm slightly heartened to hear that the "awards" are being given to restaurants and various people other than the food network stars. Initially I thought they were just going to be handing out awards to each other.

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                  Oh, from the looks of the advertisements for it I thought they'd be the recipients of the awards, but then I wondered - what would the categories be? Best cleavage? Best "bam"? Glad to hear they're awards given out to others.

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                    I also thought they were giving out awards to themselves at first. Mostly because the advertisements were so non-explanatory and it was the first thing that popped into my head. Giving awards to your sponsors is slightly better,but not by much!

                    I was thinking of awards they might give out, too. The first thing that popped into my head was "best tablescape" closely followed by "least amount of actual cooking".

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                      well-- the winner of best tablescape and least amount of actual cookie would be Sandra Lee

              2. It seems to me that many of the sponsors or people they’ve had dealings with are ‘up’ for awards.

                To put it another way I don’t think that there’s a firm of accountants checking the integrity of the voting process.

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                  If you look at the small print at the end of many reality shows that vote people off, you'll see something like "Results were determined based on the judges' opinions and the input of the producers." I saw that at the end of Top Design the other day, and was assured by a big TV hound friend that he'd seen it on Top Chef and other shows as well.

                  Once again, this shows that TV is for entertainment and profit. To expect much more is to ask too much.

                2. I generally like to watch the foodtv network, though Emeril (BAM is getting OLD), Paula (sticking your tongue in a chocolate fountain is GROSS) and Rachel are giving reasons to stop watching. But to be quite honest, their Food Network Awards were beyond awful (no slight to the award winners, I am sure they deserved it). The only award they left out is the Raz award for worst show. I don't really know where to start, from the award categories, to Rachel's dress (ugggh), to nominees the average person has no knowledge, even the scholarship winner seemed at best to be aloof to his award. FoodTV spent a lot of money for a tedious, plodding, uneventful show that they could have done as part of $40 a Day, Foodfinds, Follow That Food and Top 5.

                    1. re: ChefGirl412

                      I see on another post about the show the same sentiments. I did record it and I know that my morbid curiosity will over take my common sense... it's on TIVO so at least I can fast forward through it.

                    2. It sounds so bad I think I'll have to take a look.

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                        It was actually worse than I had expected. I watched about 15 min and then turned it off. No one looked like they wanted to be there, and could there have been a stranger pairing than Nigella and Alton? If they weren't making so much money I might actually feel sorry for the FN chefs, but they've already sold themselves out. The only thing I can think to call it was an embarrassment. BTW, did anyone else notice how big Emeril's head looked?

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                          I think he's gained a lot of weight, which, IMO, is not the best for his health --

                      2. I was wondering what that awful stink was coming out from my TV.


                        1. It was like a train wreck -- you just had to watch it. Actually, it was better than I thought it was going to be. I was picturing Emeril giving an award to himself.