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Apr 11, 2007 11:27 AM

New cleaning product

I never go babbling on about stuff like this, but after fifty-some years of trying and failing to clean stainless steel without weird hazes or smearing I finally found something that does it. It's a new variant of that Fantastik spray-cleaner that I usually use on just about everything in the kitchen, the stainless cooktop (which usually gets pretty grungy between cleanings) being the most challenging. That typically requires about a quart of Fantastik or 409, plus half a roll of towels, and there are still smears that I can't get up but only move around. This stuff got them up with just one application and four or six towels, and that cooktop had gotten really nasty, too. I was so impressed I went nuts and used it on everything in the kitchen, then went outside and attacked the gas grill. Not only did it do everything brilliantly, it even smells good, a lot like green tea. It seems to cut through old gummy grease really well, like on my old range hood that I'd never really cleaned satisfactorily before - I haven't gotten serious about some baked-on residue on my oven doors yet, but I think I'll tackle that next when I'm in the mood.

Anyway, it's apple-green in color, and has the usual Fantastik label, with the subtitle "Clean and Shine." I couldn't find it at Vons, but Ralphs had it - that would be Safeway and Kroger, for non-SoCal dwellers. I'm sure it'll be everywhere fairly soon. And no, I have no financial interest in any retailer, wholesaler, marketing firm or manufacturer - I'm just an old home cook, trying to keep his damn kitchen clean. Okay, clean-ISH...

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  1. Thanks, Will Owen, for this find! We are about to add one more stainless steel appliance to our kitchen, so I will need this "Clean and Shine" that you are recommending!

    1. Cleaning stainless steel appliances -- what an almost impossible task! I wish to refresh this conversation and solicit yet more "tricks" to do this job!

      Will Owen -- your advice about the "Clean and Shine" Fantastik spray is really good and it is the ONLY solution that can wipe the smudges without being required to clean the entire appliance. Even when I use the cleaners that are exclusively assigned to stainless steel (I keep trying new ones with high hopes), they merely make their own mess and just don't do the job. With Will's Fantastik spray, I can wipe a spot or two pretty effectively.

      However, there must be some "tricks of the trade" for getting this job done efficiently and effectively. Those who have found a way to clean stainless steel...please post.

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        I'm going to look for this one as Zud is getting harder to find. And I'll let you know how it deals with hard water residue on the front of our stainless steel fronted frig (the convenient cold water dispenser seemed like such a good idea.)

      2. Have you tried Sheila Shine? I've used this for years on my stainless steel sink, cooktop, etc...makes your ss spotless & brilliantly shiny plus it lays down a (temporary) protective barrier against future crud. My understanding is that it was originally developed for the brightwork on yachts (fending off the depredations of salt water is no easy task!)...You can NOT use it on stainless steel cookware, flatwear but on appliances it's the best I've ever tried.

        Amazon has it....

        here's the company's website:

        PS: The Amazon reviewer hates the smell but I love it...

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        1. re: fauchon

          fauchon - I think you are on the other coast, but out here on the left, Sheila Shine is available at our Smart-and-Final stores. I have looked at it so many times and since I already have so many products that don't work, I have hesitated to buy another. However, I will now, and thank you for your weighing in on this one.

          1. re: liu

            Be sure to use only a tiny amount....& please report back!

            What's a Smart & Final store? We don't have them here on the East coast....

            1. re: fauchon

              As they advertise (meant for Costco customers to hear!) -- "Smart and Final is the smaller, faster warehouse."

              I have actually found a can of Sheila Shine that I purchased when we installed our stainless steel dishwasher a few months ago. I have purchased so many products for cleaning our stainless appliances that I don't even know what I have; so many of them are useless. Anyhow, I think I actually did try the Sheila Shine on the dishwasher and it left a smudgy film in the section that I cleaned. My complaint is that I want to be able to clean spots without having to polish the entire panel; I think -- do correct me! -- that Sheila Shine will work well for the entire panel but not for the individual spots.

              The green "clean and shine" Fantastik product that was recommended will clean just the spots. Still, I will Sheila Shine a go once again. Thanks!

              1. re: liu

                I always use SS all over so can't say if it just spot cleans...I wonder if you used too much when you ended up with the smudgy film...I haven't had that finishes to a lovely polished shine...

                I love crawfish's idea below of microfibre + water....maybe use that for spot cleaning + SS now and then for a high shine?

          2. re: fauchon

            We're with you on Sheila Shine. We have stainless steel countertops plus the usual stainless steel appliances.
            Smells great.
            We buy it by the half case through Amazon.

          3. I use a microfibre cloth and water PERIOD. It works like a dream on grease splatters. If it's burnt on you'll need something stronger than water but the microfibre clothe always increase the efficacy of the cleanser.

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            1. re: crawfish

              Great tip, crawfish, and it's easy. I will try it tonight!

            2. What am I doing wrong?

              I have tried several products (as mentioned on this site), I have tried spots, I have wiped down the entire appliance, I have tried just water on a micro-fiber cloth, I have polished with the grain with just a dry cloth -- nothing seems to be smudgeless. I can see the wipe marks of my cleaner, large and small, and some spots still don't seem to wipe out at all.

              I have two major kitchen appliances that are stainless and I am still searching for a way to bring up the sheen without seeing the cleaning smudges or the fingerprints that I am trying to wipe clean. Perhaps I should just knock out some of the lighting in the kitchen!

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              1. re: liu

                hmmmmmm....two thoughts: could you possibly be using too much product? OR have you tried soap (or detergent or Barkeeper's Friend) followed by a water rinse? Maybe you need soap/deterg/BF to remove the smudges first???

                1. re: fauchon

                  Thanks, fauchon, for brainstorming this with me. I have read raves about the smooth Barkeeper's Friend (until now I have known only the abrasive powder type), so I have yet to try it. I will get some next time I am in a market that has it.

                  1. re: liu

                    Hi Liu...I keep running into you all over the place! I use liquid Barkeeper's Friend on my glasstop range. I get it at Bed Bath and Beyond.

                    About your SS, I remember when my mom bought her SS fridge, the seller told her to clean it the first time with soap and water because it comes with a protective coat of something. Then she could apply the SS cleaner.


                    1. re: Jane917

                      Hi, Jane917! I enjoy bumping into you because you are always very supportive and I love your perseverance.

                      I thank you for your BB&Beyond tip of where to buy the Barkeeper's gentle cleaner (the liquid as opposed to the paste); I just wasn't finding it on my usual shopping path, but I will check BB&B tomorrow.

                      Thanks, too, for the tip about "breaking through" the manufacturer's protective coat with soap and water; that just makes sense since I have tried other methods and am still frustrated with the resultant smudges showing every one of my cleaning swipes.

                      1. re: liu

                        One more thought (came to me after I posted yesterday) could also try a mild solution of white vinegar diluted in water...cleans well but is very gentle....I put it into a spray bottle and either spray directly on my ss cooktop or else onto a microfibre cloth so it's damp but not wet....

                        1. re: fauchon

                          Good! I am armed with lots more options, thanks to you!

                          In time, I will report back -- as soon as I can break away from cleaning!

                      2. re: Jane917

                        You might try Bon Ami felspar powder too, it was made for cleaning stainless without scratching. The only stainless I have now is my rangetop and I use BA for greasy messes and splatters, otherwise just a sponge and Trader Joe's liquid hand dishwashihg soap and a water rinse. I give it a very quick polish with a clean dishtowel, and it's still beautiful @ 20 years

                        The logo for Bon Ami is a cute lil baby chick with the motto "Hasn't Scratched Yet" Available in almost any grocery near the (shudder) Comet.