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Apr 11, 2007 11:27 AM

Lunch in Northampton?

I will be driving the length of the MA Turnpike on a weekday and need lunch recommendations. I'm guessing Northampton is my best bet. Any suggestions?

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  1. northampton would be kind of a detour wouldnt it?

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    1. re: Sambossanova

      Not that bad. Last week I posted a review of Sparky's, which serves hot dogs and burgers made from all grass-fed local/regional beef. I like it very much, and it's a quick stop en route.

    2. It's a great choice for Lunch.
      Nice ambience and good value vegetarian: Paul and Elizabeth's
      Delicious and inexpensive Mexican: La Veracruzana
      Sushi and Chinese: Teapot
      Pizza: Pinnochio's, so many great choices.
      Pizzaria Paradisio is a classic too.

      Buon Apetit!

      1. Green Street (Green) - French
        Amanouz Cafe (Main) - Mediterranean
        Woodstar (Masonic) - Sandwiches in a cafe setting
        Sylvester's (Plesant) - Sandwiches, Salads in served setting
        Packard's (Masonic) - Burgers
        Bueno Y Sano (Main) - Mexican (sort of)
        Zen (Main Street) - Asian
        Thai Garden (Main under the train bridge) - Thai
        Osaka (Old South across from Herrell's) - Sushi

        If interested in heading 2 minutes in the other direction go to Scott Rao's new masterpiece (of Rao's Coffee fame), Esseleon Cafe on Route 9 in Hadley.

        You may be inclined to purchase a loaf from the Hungry Ghost (State).

        Teapot is a no-go since it was sold. La Veracruzana uses inferior quality ingredients and is generally bland. And Sparky's is a pure disgrace, how anyone could recommend it with so many legitimate offerings in the area I have no idea. Tom's Long Hot Dog (Route 5, Hatfield) is the place to venture to for dogs, burgers and fries.

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        1. re: skytom

          "Sparky's is a pure disgrace, how anyone could recommend it with so many legitimate offerings in the area I have no idea."

          Chill dude. I specifically said it was a quick stop en route. I stopped there because I'm not from the area, and sometimes when you're on the road you'r enot interesting in a full sit-down affair. if you don't like hot dogs, that's fine, but theirs are quite good.

        2. I agree with a lot of the places already mentioned (especially Bueno y Sano, Osaka, Sylvester's, Woodstar and Esselon Cafe), but I also dig Spoleto Express on King St. for lunch. They tend to have good lunch specials, and they always have tasty salads, pizza, pasta, panini and soup. Haymarket Cafe has wicked tasty food (in the downstairs section) too, and a great coffee/tea/juice selection.

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          1. re: sryder

            Unfortunately I've given up on Bueno y Sano, after multiple attempts. Raw garlic instead of as-advertised "roasted" garlic in my burrito fooled me twice, not again. I haven't had a problem with Veracruzana. Osaka (my personal favorite) has some nice sushi bento boxes only available at lunch. Paradiso is fine, Amanouz has a fun scene although they can get crowded. Spoleto Express is decent but you don't get the downtown Northampton experience that way. I had a good burger at Sparky's earlier this week but the atmosphere is a bit lacking.