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Apr 11, 2007 11:26 AM

Seattle - Dining Alone at Bar

Hi all. San Francisco Hound in Seattle on business for a week and looking for a nice place to dine alone at a bar. I'm looking for less thatn $50 with a glass of wine/cocktail. I will be working downtown near the convention center and staying the Queen Anne area. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Barolo (a few blocks north of the convention ctr, at Virginia betw. 6th and 7th) has a good bar menu and is "on your way back" to Queen Anne

    1. Crow, in lower Queen Anne, has 2 bar areas -- a regular one, and a chef's counter that faces into the open kitchen, which is a great place to dine alone. The chefs working the line will talk to you if they're not too busy, and of course you can watch the action rather than reading a book or staring into space. Good food, basically high end comfort food and generous portions. You can definitely get in and out for $50.

      Moxie, also lower Queen Anne is another option. It's a bit more spendy than Crow, but also often recommended. I personally find their bar area a little dark, and there's not much to look at besides the bartender making drinks, but the food is good.

      I also like the Palace Kitchen for a meal at the bar. It can get a little crowded though, as people who are waiting for regular tables come in and out.

      1. steelhead diner (1st/pine) has, in diner style, a counter (in fact, two of them - one with stools and one with chairs) facing the open kitchen and, with nearly all their menu available in two sizes, should easily fit your budget - also, much less noisy than palace kitchen

        1. I had a great meal at the bar at Matt's in the Market. Perfect view of the chef and great conversation with him.

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            Everyone adores Matt's. However Matt's is not reopened yet. Check for updates. Currently we're looking at May day.


          2. Le Pichet can be a great spot to sit at the bar & have dinner .. it's usually crowded so you won't quite feel like you are dining alone ...

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