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Apr 11, 2007 10:58 AM

Anyone with an Atlanta recommendation?

My family and I will be in Atlanta in a few weeks, and we're looking for a recommendation for a really memorable dining experience.

The Common Wisdom seems to point us toward The Dining Room at the Ritz Carlton Buckhead, but we're looking for a more casual-elegance vibe. The views from the Sun Dial look great, but the menu is pretty uninspiring. Sushi is out (we have one hater in the group) but otherwise we're open to pretty much anything. Cost isn't a big concern, we'd just like a terrific meal.

Any suggestions?


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  1. I do love Bacchanalia and Restaurant Eugene. Take a look at those two. I have always enjoyed Aria and Antica Posta also.
    Sun Dial is out no go.

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    1. re: Katj

      Agree w/ Bacchanalia. Have heard great things about Eugene but haven't had the pleasure of going yet.

    2. I love Rathbun's in Atlanta, but it's a different vibe than Bacchanalia or the Ritz. We get at Atlanta twice a year or so, and I can't wait to get back to Rathbun's each time. They do have a dining room in the back that's a little more formal if you're looking for a coat and tie crowd.

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      1. re: wcrjrs

        I just checked out the Rathbun's website. What a fun and entertaining wreck! I love that they specify casual dress code, emphasize that you can eat at the bar, imply that the sound level is pretty boisterous, and the "2nd mortgage plates" thing is just great. It looks like a perfect fit for us. Thanks, all. I wish we had more time, because Bacchanalia and Eugene look great too.

        1. re: Gercaks

          Good idea! Also Trois was great when we went a couple months ago.