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Apr 11, 2007 10:43 AM

Lunch in Savannah, GA

Any suggestions on a yummy lunch in Savannah Georgia - something with a view. We decided to spend the day tomorrow (4/12) before taking the ferry to Daufuskie Island. Also, any suggestions on dining in Daufuskie would be great! We eat wine pairing and tasting menus...

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    1. i second you lady and sons.

      may also want to try mrs. wilke's boardinghouse. it's southern cooking, too, in a really charming atmosphere (everything is served family-style). it's supposed to be a savannah institution. i travelled to savannah for work a few years back and five different people told me to go there. i enjoyed the homey atmosphere and the food was good, too (not great but good). cash only and you may want to get there early to avoid the line that usually goes out the door.