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Apr 11, 2007 10:27 AM

Seattle Dim Sum

So this is pretty much a general Dim Sum topic because I no longer work on weekends and can't wait to start dim-suming. Week day dim sums I found to be rather boring.

Saturday I tried Sun-Ya for the first time and aside from the advantage of having its own parking lot, I found it had a lot of stuff that you don't see everywhere--including barbecue duck!

I am a pretty big fan of Jade Garden, though I don't like the wait and found that their lobster roll dumpling was overcooked to the point of inedibility.

Last week we went to Honey Court, had two dishes, and thought it was so bad we walked across the street to Purple Dot. I enjoyed purple dot, not extensive choices, but all well done and fresh tasting

What is your favorite place? And your favorite dish there? what bad/interesting experiences have you had?

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  1. Interesting. I thought Honey Court was quite good when I tried it about one month ago. The decor of the place is dumpy, but I really enjoyed the items I tried (perhaps 7 things). Maybe the two you tried were botched, or it was a bad day. My background in dim sum is mostly from NYC's chinatown, and I found immediately that the ingredents used here, especially the seafood, are of much higher quality.

    Of course, the only other place I've tried was Noble Court in bellevue, which is higher quality, but significantly more costly than Honey Court. I look forward to trying Jade Garden and Purple Dot. I have heard Imperial Garden in Kent is perhaps the concensus favorite.

    Where is Sun-Ya?

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      Had a decent (if somewhat greasy) version of shrimp rice paper roll and shrimp-chive fried wonton at Honey Court recently. Their congee is a bit strange though, very grainy, like cream of rice almost.

    2. i like the potstickers (thin skin, light and juicy filling inside, almost like a very plump gyoza), shwei jiao (wrinkled boiled shrimp dumplings that come in an individual yellow crock of broth), and stuffed fried tofu at O'Asian. their pan fried shrimp chive dumpling is disappointing. Their shrimp toast is good if you're in the mood for something really deep fried. pan fried thin egg noodles is a good side (dim sum portion, not menu dish). they do have duck also which is ok. bbq pork puff pastry is good. Ambiance is nicer than most places.

      1. like many, i am a great fan of imperial garden (great wall mall in kent) where my favorites include the curried squid and the black bean ribs. you can trust the seafood in any place with tanks. i have just been introduced to o'asian (5th/cherry) which has the distinct advantage of being close by for me but, much as i have enjoyed the food, am a bit bothered by its cost; dim sum for one at $18 i can handle; when it's $32, i begin to demur.

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          you must have eaten a lot at O'Asian to add up to $32; i usually get out for under $20 including tax/tip. (The "large" dimsum plates are $3.25 each, which means you can get roughly 15 dimsum pieces for $16.25, and more if you go for the "small" or "medium" plates)

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            I also eat at imperial garden whenever I am that far out --not often.

            I'm heading up to Vancouver for the weekend and we were hoping for some dim sum on Sunday. Any reccs? Should I start a new bulletin? Is Vancouver still part of the Pacific NW boards? I would think so. Anyway. If you know of anything fantastic...

              1. re: sophie.

                Imperial Chinese Seafood has the best dim sum I have ever had in my life.

                1. re: sprints

                  I'm a transplanted Vancouverite now living in Seattle. Imperial has never disappointed me. It is excellent quality dim sum, better than I've had anywhere in N.Am. Have never made it out to Sun Sui Wa in Richmond, but I recently had a horrible experience at the Cambie location. Absolute crap. Really disappointing and surprisingly mediocre. I'm going to give Jade Garden a try today....

            1. Jade Garden's my favorite dim sum in Seattle, not least because they're the only place I've found in Seattle proper that has good cheung fun. The wait can be really unreasonable on weekends, however.

              I've had soggy or mealy dumplings so many places in Seattle that there's no use in trying to name and shame them all. I do have to single out China Gate in the ID as being particularly bad, however. That place is the worst - cold and soggy dim sum, relentless hard-sell by the maitre'd. If you're starving in the ID at noon on Sunday when every place is full, go buy frozen dumplings at Uwajimaya before this place. Bleh.

              I think Noble Court (in Bellevue) is the best in the area. It's really quite good - not quite Richmond or Vancouver good, but better than anything in NYC.

              1. Hands down the very best dim sum in Seattle is New Kowloon in the International District. Even my Cantonese mother-in-law thinks it is excellent and she knows what good Hong Kong dim sum is all about. We eat there often and never is it any less than excellent. If you're looking for outstanding dim sum on the East Side, Sentosa in downtown Kirkland is the place to go. Great quality and I would say that it is a close second to New Kowloon. Jade Garden, Noble Court, Honey Court, Imperial Garden and even Sun Sui Wa in Richmond, BC, do not compare.

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                  UGH! The only time we went to NK we swore to NEVER go back. The service was terrible, there was one or two carts, and there was only like 4 tables and we still had trouble getting anyone anywhere near us. Furthermore, I think the same three items were on both carts, and perhaps they had been there since the previous day. Eventually we gave up on trying to get any dim sum and tried ordering off the menu in the hopes that it would be fresher.

                  It wasn't

                  1. re: WandaBWild

                    FWIW a friend of mine (from Hong Kong) said they were not as impressed, said the food was cold (she prefers Jade Garden, O'Asian or Sun Sui Wah).