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Apr 11, 2007 10:13 AM

Looking for FRESH Ginseng Root

We went to our local Korean store the other day, the one where we buy ginseng tea, looking for fresh (not dried) ginseng root and they don't carry it. Does anyone know where it might be available? We live in the north-central part of the City but travel is no problem.

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  1. This place says they carry it:

    Korean Central Market (675 Bloor West, at Manning, 416-516-8022) has recently undergone a facelift, and its once confusing layout has been rearranged. Freezer cases still come packed with dozens of types of frozen mandu dumplings, and the improved produce department now stocks Seoul-food essentials like fresh ginseng, gobo root and peeled garlic. DIY kimchee urns, pre-marinated bulgogi and grill pans, and 20- pound bags of short-grain brown rice, too.

    1. I haven't actually seen any myself ( I wasn't looking for it though). But I know the Gallaria Supermarket on Yonge north of Steeles, has a very comprehensive inventory of all Korean foodstuffs. Perhaps you could call them.

      1. T and T supermarkets also definitely carry fresh ginseng! My mom loves it! here's a link to Ontario locations...

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        2. There's a Chinese herbal store on Spadina (W side, N of Dundas) that sells fresh ginseng for about a month in the fall (I assume when it's harvested). It's grown locally and my Mom was excited enough to load up on it to bring to relatives in Hong Kong a couple years back. I believe the rest of the year they sell it frozen, although maybe they offer fresh more often (it's not a place I go to regularly).

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            Galleria Supermarket in Thornhill (Yonge & north of Steeles at Doncaster) carries fresh ginseng pieces at their produce section.

          2. Hi. I have a couple pounds of fresh wild ginseng. If anyone is interested you can contact me at