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Apr 11, 2007 10:05 AM

Lunch around 5th ave between 11th and 12th?

My grandmother will be in that area on Friday and is looking to meet up for lunch. Any quick and easy suggestions for me and an elderly woman or two?

Any suggestions welcome. Thanks!

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  1. Marquet on 12th between fifth and university should be perfect.

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    1. re: lily eats out

      Agree, Marquet would be perfect! it is a little, homey low key neighborhood place with great sandwiches and salads. A perfect place for all ages.

      Another idea is knickerbocker on University and 9th. I offen recomend it as a multigenerational location, but it is a bit more expensive and not what I would call quick and easy.

    2. Tocqueville, on the corner of 5th Av. & 15th St., serves a 3-course lunch prix-fixe for $24.07. That's certainly an excellent deal for food of this caliber, and I'm sure women of your grandmother's age would very much appreciate the comfort and ambiance there. But, perhaps, it may not be quick enough?

        1. Otto, which during the day has quiet music and an older crowd.

          1. Gotham on 12th and University has a great prix-fixe lunch. Beautiful setting and wonderful service for only $25. And it's only a block away from your location. Otherwise I second Petite Abeille for an informal lunch.

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              Good suggestion. I forgot about Gotham. Just to note that the prix-fixe lunch has been $27 for quite some time.