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Apr 11, 2007 09:42 AM

Suggestions for next weekend

DH and I are driving up next Fri, Sat, & Sun from DC to celebrate my birthday. Although I loathe the term we can be described as “still hip 40 somethings” married w/o kids. We appreciate outstanding food as well as unique, stylish spaces with tons of atmosphere. We have no set activities but would prefer staying closer to downtown and midtown since we are staying at Millennium Hilton (we have no problems riding subway). Not in the mood to pack suit and LBD but probably could pull off dress pants and skirt if need be.

Is there anything new and exciting downtown for dinner on Saturday that's not packed with 20-something hipsters or tourists? There are no parameters as far as cuisine goes. I know it might be hard to get reservations.

Please also suggest a nice wine bar for an afternoon break (will be in touring clothes). We plan on visiting the Belgian beer bar and taking part of the Chowhound LES food tour. Also any suggestions for breakfasts, bagels, Mexican, super casual Friday dinner, and lunch spots would be appreciated!!


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  1. Breakfast/brunch: Good, Norma's, Clinton Street Baking many others to add and I know other hounders will chime in
    Mexican: Barrio Chino, Mercadito, Agave, La Esquina

    1. For a wine bar for an afternoon break I would suggest tapas: Boqueria on 19th between 5th & 6th (Chelsea/Union square), Las Ramblas on West 4th between Cornelia and Jane Sts (West Village), or Casa Mono on Irving Place (Gramercy Park/Union Sq).

      For a casual lunch spot I would suggest Lombardi's on Spring and Mott in SoHo just north of Little Italy.

      For bagels I suggest: Murray's on 23rd and 8th Ave, and Times Square Hot Bagels on 44th between Broadway and 8th.