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Apr 11, 2007 09:41 AM

Does anyone know Grants in Hartford?

I have been trying o get information on this restaurant, but can't find very much. Has anyone out there been to this restaurant?

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  1. Hi. It's in West Hartford Center actually and though I can't say I've been there, do a search using the search field while in the NE board and you'll find posts about it.

    good luck!

    1. food at Grants is fantastic

      1. Grants in West Hartford is okay. The food is very good but I have never been wowed. There sister restaurant Bricco's (around the corner from Grants) and Max's Oyster Bar are better choices for West Hartford Center Dining.

        1. I agree with Acervoni, the food is okay (although the bar area is a nice place to sit and have a cocktail), Bricco's is much better (along with many other restaurants located in West Hartford). Here is the website for Grant's/Bricco's:

          1. Grants is a place to be seen rather than a place to eat. The food is good, not great, and pricey at that. Service varies and can have "the attitude" based on how much one is ordering or drinking.