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Apr 11, 2007 09:37 AM

Chorizo Asheville

Just had a wonderful breakfast at Hector Diaz's (Zambras, Salsas and Modesto) newest project. Chorizo is located in the Grove Arcade and open for breakfast and lunch. The breakfast menu offers up a number of wraps, scrambled eggs and other selections all with Latin American influenced flavors. I had the chorizo scrambled eggs with roasted apples mashed black beans and a moist cornmeal pancake(forget the spanish name) it was great and filling. My eating buddy had the chorizo goat cheese and spinach wrap with a lighter than air white corn grits with guacamole and a delicious tomatillo salsa. The price was right ($6.95 ea.). Can't wait to go back for lunch that menu looks equally delicious. Just hope the location doesn't kill it (the Grove Arcade) no problem finding parking at 9:30am. Definitely worth a trip!

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  1. Certainly sounds promising, esp. since this is a type of cuisine with which Hector & crew have a proven track record. I'm wondering if you got a look at the lunch and dinner menus and can recall any of the offerings?

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      Lord, I'm excited. Jeff C. has hit the nail on the head: this is Hector's strong suit. I like Modesto, but it seems that Hector is merely a good Italian chef, not a genius one. I saw him the last two times I ate at Modesto, he says he pretty much lives there now. I am guessing that means he is also cooking at Chorizo next door.

      I called this past Saturday and they are only open for b-fast and lunch...I'm thinking they said 'til 2. That makes it tough for me...I have a hard time getting off the bike by then on Sat. But the guy on the phone said they would be open for dinner soon. I'm crossing my fingers that they will stay open all afternoon.

      Catsailor, I think those cornmeal pancakes are called arepas. Hector used to make them YEARS ago, before Salsa's expanded. They were phenomenal. Did I mention I can't wait?

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        They don't serve dinner, his restaurant Modesto is right next store. I did look at the lunch menu and it looked great with lots of Latin flavored ingredients as well. Appetizers, sandwiches looked great con de lechon roast pork, a brazilian pan fried fish and a number of others. I should of grabbed one of the menus.

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          Dang, y'all. Color me excited, too. Am going to try to get to Chorizo this weekend!

      2. my wife and i tried it this past weekend. fairly impressed. she had the stuffed buckwheat pancakes, which were very good. i had the heuvos rancheros, which were just ok. they suffered from having too many components piled on, without any thought given to how they would combine. grits were good, black beans just so-so.

        plenty of variety on the menu, so we'll definitely return; i just won't get the heuvos again.

        looking forward to the dinner service & tequila bar starting.

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        1. re: mark

          We had breakfast there on Saturday. With the line WAY out the door at Tupelo Honey, I remembered it was nearby, and boy am I glad we stopped there. I had the breakfast burrito - eggs, cheese, pinto beans, spinach, tomatoes, served with a spinach salad with avocado and a yummy salsa. It was absolutely delicious, not to mention a HUGE portion and an steal at $6.50. My husband had the huevos rancheros, two fried eggs served atop tortillas, grits and beans - loved the twist with the grits - and it too was amazing. We thought the flavors were wonderful, and the waiter said perhaps it was the manchego cheese stirred into the grits. My husband also added a side of chorizo and it was quite tasty - seasoned very well. We will definitely be back...maybe even as soon as next Saturday! The menu is extensive and very creative, and dinner/tequila bar service, according to a posting on the menu, should start this weekend. Enjoy!

          1. re: mark

            We were back again last week and I have to agree the Heuvos rancheros weren't our favorite either. I had a smoked salmon with chorizo, fried eggs on a wrap with creme fraiche, scallions and caviar which was delicious (couldn't find much caviar though). Our biggest surprise is that the menu was almost completely changed from the week before. We're going to try lunch next week and dinner when that gets going. I see they will be serving tapas as well.