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Apr 11, 2007 09:30 AM

Sunday Buffet Brunch Suggestions

I would like to take my dad (who is visiting from LA) to a nice Sunday buffet brunch. Dad is a big fan of seafood, but doesn't like raw shellfish/fish too much. So far I am choosing between:

Top of the Mark (SF)
The Terrace at Ritz Carlton (SF)
Garden Court at the Palace Hotel (SF)
Cityscape at Hilton (SF)
Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay

Any recommendations? Other suggestions are welcomed as well.

Thank you, thank you!

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  1. For something funky but still elegant, I think Foreign Cinema is really nice. They have oysters for brunch that might satisfy your dad's seafood bent, and I think the rest of the dishes are nice. It's a very nice room, especially during the day. (Most people go for dinner but I think it's also nice for brunch.)

    1. Believe it or not, I've been to all of them. I'm a big fan of Sunday Brunch.
      I'll rate them from 1 to 5 from 1 being my favorite.
      1) Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay. The best in USA I have so far and very nice hotel and view of the ocean.
      2) The Terrace at Ritz Carlton.
      3) Top of the Mark.
      It's really a toss up between 2 and 3. I think they're both very good. Ritz had lamb which I like and Top didn't. But the view at Top was great. I really would rate them equally.
      4) Garden Court. Good food, not excellent. Lovely setting.
      5) Cityscape. So so food. Nice view. Cheaper than the rest.

      Hope it helps.