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Apr 11, 2007 09:15 AM

Post Game Atlanta recommendation needed

We're flying down to Atlanta for the Rangers/Thrasher Game. Any recommendations for BBQ near the arena? Anything else nearby of interest. Thanks.

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  1. I say get over to South City Kitchen on Crescent Ave. It is not BBQ but it is very good.
    There are a few different restaurants on Crescent Ave. you might want to take a look around, they are all very good.
    Downtown offers chains McCormick and Schmicks, Teds, Mortons of Chicago, so, if that's what you are looking for there is that.
    Good luck and have fun. Go Thrashers!

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    1. re: Katj

      How far is Crescent Ave from the arena? What type of food is South City?

      1. re: NYFood

        About ten minutes away and take a look at this web site.

        1. re: Katj

          i love South City Kitchen. if you ever get a chance check out their breakfast/brunch. their mini biscuits are incredible

          1. re: Katj

            Any thoughts on Rolling Bones? Appears to be a short walk away.

            1. re: NYFood

              Probably not a walk you want to do. Decent cue, though I'm of the opinion (as are many others) that Atlanta is not a BBQ town. If you're simply craving BBQ, it's a good place to go, but I would never go out of my way for it.

              Two new places that I haven't been to that recently got written up in the local weekly (Creative Loafing) sound interesting - Thrive and RARE. Check out the Creativeloafing website to read the reviews.

              1. re: biskuit

                Hate to beat this to death but is there anything near (walking distance) the Phillips Arena? We're on a tight schedule and need to get back to the airport that evening for a flight out. I figure we've got at most 2 and a half hours after the game before we have to find a cab and make it back to the airport. Any help would be appreciated. Another idea, anything near the airport?

              2. re: NYFood

                Do a quick search on Rolling Bones and you'll get lots of opinions. I like it quite a bit, but it is not really traditional. I agree that the ATL is not really full of wonderful bbq. Seems to be more of a rural thing around here.

                If you search for keywords like "Atlanta" and "downtown" you will encounter the bazillion folks who are staying downtown, ask for reccommendations, get the same old posts, and then never follow-through and post with their experiences. Some of the suggestions are good, some not. I refer you to for mroe local info.

                I hope you have a great time here. Don't mean to be so much of a grump, but folks are always asking about things downtown without first searching. Here's wishing you a great trip and wonderful eating in the ATL.

        2. Mc Cormick and Schmidt's and Ruth's Chris are within walking distance. So is Bed. There is no BBQ that I am aware of. Keep in mind, these places will be crowded, go early!

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          1. re: chickstein

            Any restauranteurs reading this would be smart to open a nice, moderately-priced restaurant with solid food within walking distance of Phillips!
            Seems like that's all people want - especially tourists - and there is such a lack, certainly when compared to other neighborhoods in town.

            1. re: laurendlewis

              Would be nice. Any nearby recommendations? Also, do you have any idea if taxis are readily available at the arena?

              1. re: NYFood

                They should be - if not walk across the street by the aquarium, centennial park, etc and they should be driving by relatively regularly (by Atlanta standards at least)

            2. re: chickstein

              We ended up going to Mc Cormick and Schmidt's. Short walk from the arena. Good seafood, reasonable prices. Would recommend the Crab cakes. Several good local beers on tap. No problem getting a cab with a hotel next door.

            3. I don't live in Atlanta but I did stay at a Holiday Inn. Just kidding. Sorry, I'm at work, felt compelled to add that.

              A friend lives in Castleberry Hill, a warehouse/art gallery district prbly a mile tops from Phillips arena. To walk there, you must continue walking along/across the bridge away from downtown. I'm all for walking but you may consider driving, as some may say at night the area has its elements. 80% of the traffic will be headed back into downtown so driving won't impact your time.

              I've never dined at any of the number of spots that pop up weekly but there's a Mexican est. (name?), Sushi joint (name?), a bar/lounge that sells pizza (Slice), and I'm sure a host of other places that have sprouted since my last visit.

              wikipedia's link: