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Apr 11, 2007 09:05 AM

Why the Chow Is So Good on Dexter St. in Central Falls

Most residents of Pawtucket scoff at CF, but downtown Pawtucket is a chow wasteland, unlike this:

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  1. I was just at Taqueria Lupita again last night and my god, that place is just spectacular. It's some of the best mexican food I've ever had, anywhere. The Zopes (which I've always seen as Sopes elsewhere) were a real standout, with a delicious handmade tortilla, slightly crisp on the bottom and slathered with awesomely flavorful beans and that dark red, chile-packed salsa. The pozole was out of this world too, overwhelmingly flavorful once I remedied the under-saltedness (easy enough). The cheese enchiladas were somehow almost light with tons of cilantro, lettuce and crema... oh man. don't miss Taqueria Lupita folks. it's one of my new favorites, thanks in part to this board.

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      Thanks COMPLETELY to this board, for me. Thanks to the chowhound posters for tipping me off about this place. I get lunch there about once a week now. Even if just the black bean taco (or two). Was telling the owner about the talk on Chowhound and she just laughed and said, Yeah, I heard something about a picture of our burrito on the Internet...don't know if she meant chowhound or somewhere else.

      And by the way, El Paisa, also on Dexter-----fantastic Colombian food. I ended up there the first time I intended to try T. Lupita on a Monday and it was closed. Great food at El Paisa. Just hours ago, I met a woman at my daughter's little league practice---she is from Colombia. I mentioned El Paisa and she reacted strongly and positively.

      She mentioned that there's a Mexican place on Broad St. in CF, that she loves---called The Townhouse or something? I'll look into it. She said it was great Mexican food. I've got a new love for CF. And yes, Pawtucket is a food wasteland----it's pathetic. Except for the Oak Hill plaza (LJ's BBQ, Garden Grille, the spotty Rasoi), it's just horrible.

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        Do they have arepas? (the colombian joint). Where can i find arepas in the area?

      2. re: celeriac

        Ditto. I had business in Attleboro on Thursday, and lunched at Taqueria Lupita. It was well worth driving 10 minutes (like that's so far).

        1. re: RIChowderhead

          You just reminded me - don't write off all of Pawtucket. Last week we tried the shish kebab place on Smithfield Ave. near Mineral Spring that was mentioned in the big Prov Journal article on ethnic food in Pawtucket. Tiny place, just a few tables, $6.95 for lamb shish kebab with pilaf. We also shared grape leaves, kibbeh, and lamajoun, and enjoyed it all. We were stuffed for about $16 for the two of us!

          And then we discovered a new Arepa joint across the street! A hugh assortment - I got a couple to go, one with a huge amount of delicious melted cheese, and another packed with chicken salad and avacado. I think they might have been $2.50 each. Can't beat that! Delicious.

      3. Does Taqueria Lupita have a liquor license? I've been there for dinner, and it was delish indeed, but am looking for somewhere for dinner with drinks (was going to go to Chilangos but they're closed on Wednesday), and can't remember if they serve alcohol as well.

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          they hav eber but i believe that is it. Try Mi Guatemala which is before chlangos on atwells. They have a full bar and the food is very good.

        2. Does anyone happen to know if there are any Cuban restaurants in CF?

          Thanks in advance.